Workplace Safety – Dealing With Workplace Bullies

Everyone has a right to a safe environment. Workplace safety is paramount to increased productivity. Likewise, no business, institution, organization has ever succeeded in increasing productivity when there are a lot of tension, stresses and disorder.

Unfortunately, behind all the good intentions and the efforts to come out with good programs at improving harmony and team work in the workplace. There will always be those who will not leave other people be. The attitude to dominate is as old as man himself and is ever present in all workplace conditions.

Most of us have suffered bullying. However, many of us thought that bullies will no longer be much of a bother after the eighth grade. Wrong. In the workplace, a bully may be a boss or a co-worker whose main weapons are words and actions to keep us uncomfortable, inadequate or threatened. At best, bullies are just annoyances that we live with. Nonetheless they should be handled very effectively.

- Seek the advice of a trusted friend or professional in the workplace in handling this type of situation. There is a good chance that many other people in the office has similar experiences and have dealt with bullies before.

- Crying, sulking, being intimidated, and feeling bad about the self are the bullies' purpose. Do not allow the bully to do that. Instead, confront the bully in a professional calm manner provided that your physical safety is not in danger. Do not raise your voice or use threat. Threats are the department of the bully, he is better at that. In fact, the bully could be looking for those opportunities so he can bully you more.

- Your arguments should not be phrased to win people to your side. Many people are put off by this as this borders on being pathetic. If you do not feel bad about yourself, are factual and truthful, allow people excellent space to make their own judgments.

- Do your job well and make sure your superiors are aware of the quality of work you produce. Bullies are not beyond slander. When given even the smallest of chances, the bully will spread the word that you are lousy at your job and may often come up with proofs. Doing your job well makes you popular with those around you including your superiors. Jobs that are very well done robs the bully of opportunities. In fact it is professional suicide for him to bully people who are good at what they do.

- Build and Maintain friendships. Bullying tactics include isolating you from friends and colleagues.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that 'no one can make you feel inferior without your consent'. That is always true. Making yourself feel bad about yourself is the bully's main purpose because it makes him feel better in the process. Why give him that? Why succumb? There will always be these irritating people – the bullies. The good news is that one way or another, good workers are more durable. They last, they move on. Always, bullies do not. They often don’t last.

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