Workplace Safety – Common Accidents In The Workplace

The safety of everyone in the workplace is an issue that cannot be taken lightly. Because even something as minor as a slippery floor can cause serious damage to an employee's heath and serious financial blow on the part of the employer. Below are some of the most common accidents in the workplace which all organizations' management should be able to address.

Trips and Slips
Minor accidents like trips and slips account for more than one-third of all accidents happening in the workplace, making it one of the most commonly experienced accidents. While these are very minor accidents that often give a good laugh among colleagues, the reality still stands that these can pose severe physical and health hazards. Not a few people have suffered brain damage, head injuries, limb fractures, and even death because of simple trips. In most cases, the cause is negligence, poor flooring, obstructions, or poor housekeeping. The solution is obvious, although not always easy. Organizations should have well-maintained premises, free from any obstruction or substances that can cause someone to trip or slip.

Minimize trips and slips by ensuring that...

- The flooring of the workplace is suitable and well-maintained. Worn flooring should never be left unattended. Also, flooring should be cleaned with appropriate cleaners.

- Blind spots should be addressed either by removing them or by informing the employees of their presence.

- Cables should be secured away.

- Hand rails and guard rails should be installed wherever appropriate.

- Areas that are slippery should be marked.

- All areas in the workplace premises should have sufficient lighting.

Manual handling
This term covers any activity or work that requires the use of the hands such as moving, carrying, lowering, pushing, restraining, holding, pulling, and lifting. Around a third of all accidents in the workplace are due to any of these actions. Often, injuries are musculoskeletal, meaning the affected areas are often the bones and the muscles. Thus strains and injuries to feet, legs, arms, hands, tendons and even to the heart are quite common.

Prevent accidents of this nature by...

- Not requiring employees to do excessive or extensive pulling or pushing, twisting, lifting, and pushing

- Providing equipment and machineries that will minimize the hazardous physical output on the part of the employees

- Allowing sufficient rest periods

- Providing appropriate safety instructions and regulations

Electrical accidents
Electric shocks, electric burns, and other accidents that revolve around electrical equipment and appliances are not limited to electricians and workers who work around electricity. Even people who are working in offices are prone to accidents caused by faulty wiring, open wires, and poorly maintained electrical outlets.

Minimize electrical accidents by...

- Hiding away electrical wires, cables and sockets

- By proving proper electrical hazards

- By providing full training to employees who are working with electrical equipment

Traffic accidents
Accidents involving motorized vehicles do not only happen in warehouse depots where heavy vehicles are used. These could also happen in workplace premises such as parking lots and even in walkways outside the establishment.

Traffic accidents can be prevented by...

- Separating vehicles from pedestrians using barriers

- By applying one-way systems

- By properly training employees who work as drivers

The measures that are set to ensure the employee's safety often define not only the production capability of individual members of the organization, but also their well-being. The most common accidents discussed above should be able to guide managements in setting up measures that can ensure the safety of their employees.

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