Transporting Valuables And Cash Safely

People whose jobs require them to transport cash and valuables on a regular basis are at a constant risk of robbery and physical harm. The nature of their work makes them very vulnerable as they naturally attract harm. Below are some precautionary measures that can help minimize their exposure to risks:

Do not do it by yourself.
It is top priority for people who are handling valuable possessions and cash not to conduct their businesses alone. Ideally, they should always work with two other people to ensure their safety and protection.

Break no routine, if there is any.
It is very important for people who are working in circumstances like this not to have a routine. If it cannot be avoided, break any routine as much as possible, instead. If you take the same route every day, on the same hour and the same vehicle, you are likely to be watched by opportunist criminals. Remember that criminals plan their actions well and planning their attack at a point where you are most vulnerable is their objective.

To minimize your risk of being attacked, adopt no routine. Interchange your schedule between at least three different routes and different hours in no particular pattern.

Do not make it appear obvious.
Don’t advertise that you are possessing anything of value in public. Otherwise, you will be treated as a good target for robbery. Instead of using bank cash bags or briefcases, use ordinary looking boxes or shopping bags. These do not make you less protected. In fact, these make you less of a target. If you are not bringing a lot with you, use ordinary bags or coat pockets to transport the items.

Advertise that you are protected.
Anything that would make it look obvious that the money is useless when stolen would deter criminals from taking your money. For example, mark the money using methods that can be detected by authorities. Another effective method is by advertising your precautionary methods in areas where customers can see them.

Operate in good daylight hours.
Darkness is not your ally when you are working with transporting valuables. It makes you more vulnerable to attacks.

Be very vigilante.
Always check for signs of criminals. Pull over if you think someone is following you. Stop in business areas with good visibility if you suspect a follower. Be on your guard if someone wearing a headgear or riding in a motorcycle is following you. Heighten your senses when you are operating with transferring valuables. You always stand a good chance of being attacked, be sure that you are fully aware of any person who is likely to do that on you.


Do not take unimportant risks.
In case of robbery, it is best that you don’t 'take on' a robber or resists his demands. You can never tell whether he is ready to hurt or kill you or not, or whether he is carrying a weapon or not. It is never worth to risk your life and safety for the protection of property or cash.

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