Tips On Maintaining Workplace And Colleague Safety

Workplace safety is the right of every employee, whether they are working in relatively safe environments or in workplaces that constantly expose them to physical and health hazards. It is also the obligation of every organization to provide their employees with safe working environments where their well-beings are guaranteed. This is why in every country, organizations exist to police the policies of companies that are pertinent to their employee's safety.

Some tips on ensuring safety in the workplace
There are several areas that should be addressed regarding workplace safety. These include electrical safety, fire safety, equipment safety, and others.

Electrical Safety

- Ensure that all machineries are installed according to product installation instructions. Many accidents happen because someone did not take the time to ensure that the office equipment is properly installed.

- Prevent any electrical circuit overload.

- When using extension cords, ensure that the cords can bear the electrical load demanded by the products that use them. These are not supposed to be used permanently and are not meant to substitute permanent wires and sockets.

- Properly ground electrical appliances.

- Immediately report and repair any damaged electrical wires or outlets.

- Always hire certified electricians for installing electric wires as well as for repairing any damaged wires.

Fire Safety

- Do not forego the provision of fire alarms.

- Ensure that sufficient fire extinguishers are installed in appropriate places.

- Advise the employees about the location of the fire extinguishers in the workplace.

- Conduct periodical fire drills. These prepare the employees for the proper course of action in case of fire.

Colleague Safety

Workplace safety, although mainly focused on the structural aspects of the office, is by no means limited to these factors alone. Colleague safety is also an important issue to cover. Without paying attention to this, employees could be at a much greater risk than you realize.

Safety from colleagues ensures that employees are not exposed to bullying, coercion, physical harm and sexual exploitation. Adopt violence safety measures to ensure that the employees are not only protected from risks posed by machineries, equipment, appliances and other accidents, they are also protected from the biggest threats to their well-being.

- Track any violent behaviors of all employees. Put these into record.

- The management should expressly adopt zero tolerance towards violence. Otherwise, organization members who have histories of violence and who possess the characteristics that make them a threat to their colleagues can have a free reign on their behavior.

- Prevent the entry of people with violent tendencies into the organization during the recruitment process. The safety of the majority should not be compromised because of one employee.

- Advise the members of the organization to always carry with them mobile phones. it is also not a bad idea to have a policy that will encourage every member of the organization to keep tabs of their colleagues' whereabouts. Tailor this idea according to the preferences of the organization members and the management.

- Ensure that dark areas in the workplace are well lit.

- Hire security personnel who will guard the entry and exit points of the workplace.

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