Ensuring Workplace Safety

Workplace safety and good work environment is the right of every worker. In fact, it is a law. To this end, workplace safety is a very big concern for companies and spends huge resources for its research, training, implementation, and maintenance.

One of the top concerns for promoting workplace safety is the loss of productivity. When workplace safety measures are effectively implemented, it improves company profitability, promotes brand equity, and creates savings in terms of bottom line expenses for compensation, health, and insurance benefits aside from expenses on probable litigation.

Due to a very wide variable by which accidents could happen, workplace safety is a continuing process. It is the ongoing identification of potential hazards, probability of occurrence, and the risks that are involved in a particular task or area of operation. In many trade, manufacturing, and production concerns, hazards analysis involves re mapping work places and stations, re outfitting employees and providing ergonomic equipment as it relates to the performance of a task or a function. The following are practices normally done to promote a safer work environment.


List of possible hazards and potential hazardous conditions must be checked every day and be resolved. Specific hazards that are associated with tasks that are high risks have also to be eliminated from workstations. Daily checks promote awareness of the risks involved and its avoidance and prevention. It also results to discovering other possible risks not recognized previously. Analysis of individual workstations and recording harmful actions could be better identified when daily checks are conducted.

Removing Obstructions

To provide good traffic in the workplace and reduce accidents, clear hallways, passageways and other walking surfaces from boxes, crates, bundles, and other objects that obstruct efficient workflow. Never leave items in areas that workers do not expect.

Form The Habit

Safe habits, when formed and reinforced are good deterrents for accidents. Implementation of safety procedures and methods has to be diligently observed and enforced until it becomes second nature to workers.

Use Signs

There are several signs each with a different purpose but are directed towards promoting safety. Directional signs, posters, mandatory signs, prohibitions signs etc., are all designed to direct safety procedures and actions that continue to work in the absence of the safety engineer or the supervisor. Signs are also effective tools at providing directions during emergencies.

Be Prepared For Emergencies

The worst disasters were unexpected disasters. The twin towers may be one of the safest buildings during its time, the Titanic was suggested as unsinkable and disasters in the likes of Katrina were not heard off and prepared for and then it happened.

Accidents and disaster could strike at any time. While there are events that could never be avoided nor anticipated, most accidents and disasters could be prevented by vigilance, anticipation and preparation and a continuous process of analysis and limiting if not the elimination of probabilities. And yes it is a hard work. Then again, there is no substitute for preparation if workplace safety is the concern. For the most part, the person that we spare from harm is the person that we care most about.

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