Wine Gift Accessory Options

Giving a bottle of wine as a gift is a nice idea but many people are uncertain of which wine to choose. Also it can seem redundant to purchase wine for a wine lover when you know that several others will be giving similar gifts. Fortunately there are other options to give a wine gift that will stand out from the crowd. There are a great many of wine accessories available that would make great gifts for the wine enthusiast.

There are a wide variety of styles available for wine storage options. Wine racks come in an assortment of materials and price ranges. This would make a very appreciated wine gift for those who have limited storage options for their growing wine collections.

Since many people still look down on wines with screw-top covers, a good quality corkscrew makes a great gift idea. Just because this is a highly useful accessory doesn't mean that it can't be quite decorative as well. There are high end corkscrews available that come in unique shapes or feature decorative inlays to add beauty as well as function.

Wine glasses are alway important. Wine lovers know that it is crucial to drink wine from the appropriately shaped glass and will always appreciate this gift. While true wine glasses will always be clear, you can purchase beautiful versions in hand blown glass or crystal for a truly distinctive wine gift.

Another glassware item that is very useful for a wine enthusiast is the wine decanter. Decanters are especially vital for red wine lovers as the decanter is designed to allow the wine to breathe properly. This is a critical element to experiencing the full flavor potential of a fine red wine.

A magazine subscription to a wine magazine such as Wine Enthusiast or Food & Drink would be a very thoughtful gift. Each month the recipient would remember your gift as they opened the latest issue and learned about new wine offerings. A search online will reveal several other magazines that focus on the love of wine.

Another educational wine gift would be a good book. This could be a book on wine making history, travel books about wine regions or even a large coffee table books featuring outstanding wine art prints. Check out the wine or travel sections at your local bookstores for more options or do a search online to find hundreds of good wine books.

If the person you are buying for is a wine collector, you may want to purchase a wine cellar album as a gift. This book enables the wine lover to record all the details of the wines that they have collected. This is a work of love for the true wine collector as well as being useful as a record for insurance purposes.

A wine tasting journal could be another thoughtful wine gift. This type of journal gives the wine lover a way to remember all the details of the wines they experience. People often write detailed notes of what foods were paired with the wine and all the purchase details for future remembrance.

There you go! You now have eight options for a wine gift without actually buying a bottle of wine. Any combination of these wine accessories will make a distinctive gift for any wine lover.

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