Wedding Planning Software: the New Style of Planning

Because of the stress it brings, people are finding ways to reduce the complications in wedding preparations. This is not the usual hired manpower like professional coordinators or planners. This can be downloaded from the Internet and used through your computer. That is right, this new technology is a software program that helps you in organizing tasks, budgeting, and scheduling of events and deadlines.

The iDo Wedding Couple Edition, for example, acts like a wedding guide plan with a user-friendly interface. This software provides a quick navigation to a step-by-step wedding planning such as sections of contacts, invitations, attendees, gifts, budget, vendors, and events. It also offers automatic recognition of duplicate names, tracking of invitations, and several suggested invitation wordings. For interested customers, the manufacturing company provides a 30-day trial for the $29.95 software program.

Almost twice the price of the aforementioned software, Marziplanner is the TopTenReviews silver awardee which gained a lot of positive comments from its users. It costs $49.95 with a seven-day free trial. However, its organized and easy-to-use interface makes it a good deal. Features include invitation templates for different situations, a simple and effective budget section, a manageable vendor section, and a broad list of pre-installed tasks general to weddings. Reports such as guest list, seating, RSVPs, lists, vendors, gifts, events and calendars can be printed in program or exported to PDF or MS Excel.

The Organized Wedding, on one hand, is the only software that caters to users in all walks of life. This software recognizes special rituals and ceremonial customs of various religions such as Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Christians. Organization of tasks by time frame and the emphasis on etiquette are another unique features of Organized Wedding for it frequently provides etiquette tips in every section. While its budget section provides a color coded system for payments in varied situations making it the finest organizer for bookkeeping. Its stationary section also creates templates in traditional and contemporary wordings. The Organized Wedding costs $36, also with a free trial.

Akin to buying other equipments, quality is one of the customers primary concerns. That is what Smart Wedding, Inc. provides to its valued customers. It only promises an easy use and effective program with no other complicated features. Though it has an outdated interface, Smart Wedding Inc. is still the only software offering online RSVP. Through this, tracking RSVPs is very manageable and will reduce many possible stresses. It also has good budget sections that include subsections like fashion, ceremony, and flowers. This software is the cheapest if bought online with a cost of $14.99 from $34.99.

Among the software mentioned, My Style Wedding is the only software that offers 3D interaction without compromising important features and functionalities. Features include wedding checklists, guest management, budget keeping, and time organization. With only $24.98, its worth the price.

These are just some of the software programs available online. With prices ranging from $25 to $100, buying a wedding software program is a practical deal for a trouble-free wedding.

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