The Benefits Of Having Your Trademark Registered

Why is there a need to register your trademark? What will you get out of it? What are the benefits that come along with a duly registered trademark?

As a businessman, it is a must that you recognize the importance of registering your company's trademark. It can either be a word, a symbol or logo, or a combination of both. Legally registering it means being able to get covered by the trademark law should there be attempts of infringement upon it. As the one who rightfully owns the trademark, you can file cases against the third party that uses your trademark for commercial and advertising purposes.

In truth, there are a lot of benefits that come along with registering a trademark and then using the trademark services that is provided by a qualified attorney. The latter should then specialize in trademark law and has been active in its practice.

When a trademark has been registered, its protection is heightened and then any attempts to use it are deterred. Should there be a third party to infringe upon it, there are remedies available to your advantage.

When you hire the services of a trademark attorney, the more that you increase your chances of receiving all the stipulated benefits mentioned below.

Registering your trademark means more protection. What does it mean?

Under the provisions of the trademark law, it is by complete registration that a company's logo or name gets all the legal protection. After all, it is the firm's best asset. Also, it awards the exclusive nationwide use and ownership of the mark which therefore means that infringement is considered illegal. There is also an official notice to the others that a particular trademark is taken and when there is a confusingly the same trademark used, the said party can't claim ignorance of the existing mark.

In the future, the owner then has the right for the mark to be "incontestable". Hence, the right is valid and can solely be used only by the owner.

Registering your trademark means deterring other parties from utilizing your trademark.

As the owner, you get the right to put a ", after the said mark. This therefore alerts others of an existing registration and then preventing any attempts to the claim of innocent infringement.

The trademark then becomes visible in all trademark search reports. This discourages other parties from getting on with the registration of almost the same mark.

Due to your existing registration, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will automatically refuse any registration of confusingly similar trademarks with yours.

A registered trademark furnishes the owner with higher lengths of remedies.

The owner of a mark then gets the right to recover even up to triple damages alongside with the fees supposed to be paid to a trademark attorney straight from an infringer.

The owner also receives solely the presumption that he is the valid and only owner of the said mark.

Filing a dispute resolution policy is very possible in case of Internet domain name infringement.

Lastly, the trademark owner is given the automatic right to sue a third party infringer in any federal court.

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