Maximizing Trademarks: Ways To Safeguard Your Online Brands

Brand names and company names aren't required to be registered. But doing so will make a great difference at the end of the day. Once these brand names are registered then you get the protection not available for brand names not registered. The registration of trademarks means you will have the right and control for brands, titles and logos online.

And since you want to protect your brand name online, then clearly trademark registration is what you need more than copyright protection. There are a number of ways on how to protect trademarks and brand names online, and registration is one. Registration can be done by the owner himself and this can be done over a few clicks. There are a number of legal sites for this purpose. These DIY sites will charge something like $150 up for simple trade mark or brand name registration.

There are specific sites that can help you verify if the selected brand name or trade mark has a duplicate online. This works in a way that when you try to sign a trade mark for a piece of chair and this has been trademarked earlier then the application will be rejected.

If a duplicated is not found, a lawyer will then prepare the trademark application and will be submitted to the US Patents. Again there is no law that will require you to register the brand name for use online. But once done, this can be helpful. By registering the brand name, then this gives you the right over that brand name for use online. This will also offer you some overseas rights and you and the company that you represent will be given that presumption that you own that brand name online.

One time brand name registration not enough. Remember that this is just the start of your work in protecting that online brand online. In order to continue brand name protection, you need to pro-actively protect that online brand name from copiers and you need to regularly renew the registration. The key here is to make sure that the brand name does not become too generic and used by too many online players.

Protecting online brands also mean taking the right steps even before the registration of the brand name. The right thing to do is to plan and select the brand name that is seems to be of no equal. The best is the one that is highly specific and descriptive. This is better than the brand names that are too fanciful. The most unique brand names are the best names to protect, see case of Nokia.

And as mentioned once the brand name has been registered, make sure that you monitor its use and abuse online. Remember that patents can live for 20 years and copyrights can extend 70 years after the death of the author. But in trademarks the protection can be enjoyed for as long as you like- provided that you can monitor the brand name and you can follow all the rules.

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