How You Can Validate Which Trademarks Are Successful Than Others

What are the main similarities between that logo of Nike signified by swoosh and that logo of Coca Cola of red ribbon? Simple; these trademarks and logos of these two companies are well known. Even though only the logos are shown to the public, the consumers can easily indentify which products are represented and which companies are being promoted by these logos. Simply put, these two logos of the two companies embody the meaning of long –lasting and famous trademarks. People can recall what these logos and signs stand for, and these logos can definitely convert familiarity to sales.

But not all of the so-called popular logos are really successfully famous. There are some parameters that are being used by regulatory agencies to tell if these trademarks are famous, a bore or forgettable.

• The marks used by the companies should be distinctive enough. This means that the mark is very strong and as such may be registered with the USPTO Trademark Principal Register. And once these marks are registered with this office, and then the owner will be subject to better protection. If the marks are distinctive enough, then these marks can easily weather counterfeiting. And the stronger the mark, then the stronger is the company's case against counterfeiters. The mark of Nike is an example of a strong and distinctive mark.

• The mark should have been associated with the company or product for a long period of time. If the mark has been connected with the company for decades, then you can say that the trademarks are really famous.

• The money poured into the marketing and the advertising of the marks should be large enough. If the company has a history of funding the marketing campaign of the logo and marks for years, then those marks can be considered as famous. Remember the swoosh design of Nike? This design has been there for more than three decades, and the company has spent millions into making swoosh be associated with Nike.

• One can validate the fame of a trademark if that trademark is known in many parts of the world. A simple logo without the corporate name known in the outskirts of Africa and the growing cities of Asia will mean that the trademark is famous.

• Another validating system is to consider the channels of trade that are used for the trademark.

• And perhaps to a greater extent, the fame of the trademark will depend on how many third parties copy and use the trademark. The frequency of piracy of the logo or the mark will reveal the true value or fame of the trademark. So if you happen to read in the papers that Company X once again sued a fly-by-night company for the nth time for copying their marks, then you can easily say that the company's trademark is class A.

This is not to say that the list is rigid and used by many countries in determining the success of trademarks. Some states may carry other validating questions, but the listed questions above will usually prop up in the validation.

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