A Discussion Of The Requirements For Trademark Application

As with the trademark law, it covers different unique requirements and principles that you must follow through for a successful application. That is why, it is important to have a qualified trademark attorney right beside you because he can provide the counsel that you imperatively need for trademark application. The law may become confusing for you especially when you don't fully understand all principles involved therein.

There are actually a number of requirements for trademark application. They will only be satisfied should the application is properly prepared and then fully completed. Look at the following requirements along with the steps to take in order to successfully register a trademark.

The very first requirement for a correct trademark filing is no less than the complete name as well as the address of the applicant as it is going to be used for all correspondences.

The second one is the comprehensively formulated list of all the services and goods provided with the mark. Hence, it matters that you seek the services of a trademark lawyer. You will need legal counsel especially during the most crucial moments requiring you to make big and important decisions.

The registration of a trademark then asks for the documentation of the first time when the mark has been used in any part of the world. That is related of course with commercial purposes. Thus, it matters that you document the first dates when you used the mark.

It is also important that you pay the pertinent charges required for each category of goods or services. The registration only requires a small fee but you will hence be able to enjoy full legal rights in the long run.

A final requirement is for the applicant to furnish a very clear drawing of the mark or symbol and a specimen itself of the trademark.

The Drawing and the Specimen Distinguished

The drawing is the depiction of the trademark. It must be able to show the exact use of the mark. It can be shown through the specimens. It should also show the clear intention of the applicant as to its usage.

On the other hand, a specimen is known to be the real-world representation on how the mark is to be actually used on all the goods as well as in the services offered. The containers, the logos, or the tags are also considered to be among the acceptable specimens of use for the trademark.

For the service mark, the specimens may include advertising like those done in brochures or advertisements. The actual specimens are then preferred than those of the facsimiles. Also, one specimen comes as a prerequisite for each category of services or goods as stipulated in the application itself.

The specimens that are required are those that contain its exact commercial use. However, it is not a requirement for any application that is based on the trademark owner's future intentions on its use.

Overall, here are the requirements for trademark application. Be sure to complete all these so you can qualify for a successful registration.

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