Why Scientology?

Each one of us is free to subscribe to a particular set of beliefs which most of us may call a religion. Some were raised in it, some stumbled upon their religion, and others are actively searching for a religion that will fit their perception of a religion. There are literally thousands of choices out there so it really isn’t easy as you might first think. If you are considering Scientology as your next religion, Scientology by the way is known as the world's fastest growing organized religion, you might as well look at the following reasons why you should chose it.

The first reason is that it guides you towards spiritual development.

Religion, in itself, deals with everything spiritual. Each religion in the world, at least the major ones, put great emphasis on attaining higher states of religious development. The same is true with Scientology, only with a little twist.

Being a highly organized religion, Scientology prescribes its member specific methodologies for achieving higher levels of spiritual consciousness. Unlike other religions, it follows strict guidelines that are for the most parts followed by all of its members. In many ways, Scientology tries to ensure that once a person becomes a member, he will be assisted every step of the way towards spiritual development.

One way Scientologists do this is by conducting spiritual counseling sessions called auditing. By the word auditing itself, the entire idea of the process can already be arrived at.

Auditing is a process wherein the subject or the member and a qualified auditor participate. This uses exact sets of questions that try to uncover the inner struggles of the person – be it about personal life, about one's existence, about life itself, or about the universe. Scientologists believe that when these inner questions are not answered, discord within the human personality may occur. Much like the teachings of Freudian psychologists.

Scientologists further believe in the existence of a part of the mind that is the repository of all the painful and traumatic experiences the person has undergone over its many lifetimes. (Yes, Scientologists believe that people don’t only live a single life, instead several of them, just like the Hindus do.) These traumatic experiences that have collected over several lifetimes are stored in the part of the brain Scientologist call the 'reactive mind'. In auditing sessions, this mind is emptied out to achieve a state called 'Clear', which is equivalent to Buddhism's Bhodi or state of enlightenment.

There is another process that aims at the same thing, spiritual awareness that is, which is called the 'training'. This process allows members to see why the things and events happen in one's life. This brings in further awareness to the individual.

The other reason is that this religion doesn’t limit its members to the usual limitations of other religions such as the belief in one Supreme Being and in faith. Scientology allows for better freedom when it comes to these subjects and lets their members believe what they want to believe in so long as their beliefs are in accordance to the fundamental beliefs of Scientology. For people who love the freedom of believing in something other than those sponsored by their specific religion, this is a really good arrangement.

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