Why People Join Scientology

Despite the negative publicity and criticism Scientology has earned in the past 50 years, people are still swayed into believing the principles of the religion. Here are a few reasons why people buy the ideas proposed by the Scientology Religion.

It speaks to them at some level.
It is the same thing with other religions. Scientology offers ideas, beliefs, and principles that some people could readily understand. For some members, the Scientology idea that each person is capable of reaching a godlike state is a very attractive proposition. To those who are concerned about the welfare of the world and everyone that's in it is what caused them to join. Still others become members because they have the need for spiritual enlightenment or awareness that Scientology proposes to give them. Call it spiritual blindness, but for a person who believes in these things, the only logical thing to do is to join the religion that makes sense to him.

Apparently, there are many things that attract people into becoming members of this religion or religious cult. And what's very important during the recruitment process is the number of benefits that may be had from subscribing to the specific principles of the religion and how attractive these are to would-be members.

Some are born into it.
Scientology has been around for more than half a century. The minute the first Church of Scientology was opened, it was already a bestseller. Thanks to the runaway bestselling book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. No wonder, there are people who have been born to it.

While it is possible for people who were born into the religion to leave, it is often hard for them to get out of it. After all, it is the only thing they know. Unlike members of other religions, Scientologists are not allowed to explore into religious beliefs outside of those Scientology upholds. Thus, in many ways, Scientologists are ignorant of other religions and are, therefore, lacking in options. Further, it often takes great effort and courage to drop out from the religion.

They are impressed by the religion and its façade.
Most of the time, Scientology and its many organizations are good in keeping their façade clean, attractive and impressive. They own impressive buildings, shops, centers, and facilities. For a person of other religion or no religion to view these things, the initial impression created is that of wonder. Who wouldn’t want to join an organization that has a good image, anyway?

They buy the marketing strategies of Scientology.
Scientology is a religious cult and like many other cults and contemporary religions, it uses marketing strategies to recruit members or to sell their merchandise. Few non-Scientology people know that the religion trains their members to sell the ideas of the religion as well as its products. This training is part of the religious training each member has to undergo.

It offers solutions.
Before anyone can join the religion, he or she has to take a personality test that tries to assess the problems he or she has. This is called the Oxford Capacity Test. Once the results are in, the recruit will be offered solutions accessible only to members of scientology. Then the orientation begins.

There are many ways to enter Scientology and many reasons why people do so.

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