What's So Wrong With Scientology – Reasons Why People Hate This Religion

Hate for religion is nothing new. But as many people have already said, the hate that is directed towards the religious cult called Scientology is incomparable to the major religions which have been established a few millennia ago. What is so wrong with Scientology that people hate it so much? Here are the most common allegations:

Scientology is founded on a huge network of lies.
If the son of the religion's founder L. Ron Hubbard Jr. is to be believed, everything from Hubbard Sr.'s biographies to the teachings of the religious cult are lies. A huge accusation, no doubt.

During his interview in 1983 with Penthouse magazine, he dropped the bomb and for the first time and exposed the religion's deceptive claims. He accused his father of many things, including practicing Satanism (according to him, his father believed that he is Satan), occultism, of deceiving and harassing the religion's members, of taking people's money, among other hideous things.

Further, he told the magazine that the Church of Scientology and the principles behind Dianetics are products of the imaginative mind of his father who told him that selling religion to the masses is the quickest way to riches and glory.

And he is not alone in his claim. Ex-members who have reached the higher echelons of the cult's organization claim to the same thing. Among the primary claims the cult has that were debunked by its own members include: the workable technologies for attaining spiritual awareness, the scientific backing for its many so-called processes (these are used in extracting information from members during the spiritual healing process called 'auditing), the space opera scenario, which many members compare to a grand sci-fi story, and basically all other claims that the religious cult has.

Justice John Latey, in his ruling over a case in the English High Court in 1984, summarized what Scientology is: "It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous…It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit."

Scientology locks up its members.
Like with all cults or religious cults, it is very easy to get into Scientology and become a member but you would die first trying to get out. Yes, dropping out is possible, but members have to first change their identities, move their families to where the Church of Scientology isn’t operating, and hide for many many years.

Again, according to the founder's son, people are harassed, held against their wills, imprisoned, and beaten up. It is not uncommon too for people to die of sudden, unexplainable death or for them to run into huge troubles once they express their intentions to leave the church. The unfortunate thing is, these are not actions made by dedicated, rogue Scientologists, these are a matter of policy.

Scientology and its founders are convicted felons in many countries.
Criminal activities are a common practice within Scientology. False imprisonment, fraud, extremely serious crimes like breaking into federal offices and stealing public documents, conspirator, and libel are just some of the crimes the religious cult has committed over the years. These are well-documented in countries like France, Canada and United States.

Whether the abovementioned allegations are true or not, what matters is how people feel about their religion. Apparently, there are many people from both sides of the fences. What is intriguing, however, is that people are continually dropping out from this religion.

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