The Sudden Surge Of The Scientology Freezone Movement

If you can identify with the principles of Scientology but is feeling disillusioned about the controversy involving the Church, then you might want to consider the idea of joining the Scientology Free Zone instead. In case you don't have an idea what that is, the Scientology Free Zone is a movement that puts primary importance on the original philosophy that Ron L Hubbard himself has devised in his search for truth and enlightenment.

The Scientology Freezone consists of people who have left the Church by their own volition, those who have been expelled and even those who haven't been inside a Scientology Church yet.

As the term 'Freezone' itself implies, the movement doesn't hold its members by a short leash. Instead of imposing rigid dogma on them, they encourage members to pursue enlightenment and personal development based on the philosophies that were developed by Ron L Hubbard. They also feel that much of the concepts Hubbard has made decades ago had been altered to satisfy the tyranny and whims of a "corrupt" organization. They share the sentiment that the official church is more concerned about property and copyright protection, rather than the inculcation of the religion's doctrines to the general population. The movement feels, as a group, that the church has lost its way.

The movement has enjoyed a surge in momentum since it has been established. The general consensus among freezoners also suggests that they are more satisfied by the results of their conversion.

This stance also draws its strength from the statement made by Hubbard, "The work was free, keep it so". The Freezone members, in turn, have strengthened their resolve. They continue to increase in number while the members of the Church of Scientology continue to decrease. This is a trend that continues to cause frustration among the members of the Church.

Most of the former members of the Church of Scientology who are now "freezoners" used to share a severe discontent about the exorbitant prices the Church has charged them for the auditing sessions and materials necessary to advance their spiritual goals. The Freezone Association provides a more affordable rate. This is another reason why the Association has more drawing power than the Church of Scientology. Scientology has become more accessible to the average man who as we all know is in dire need of spiritual sustenance in these turbulent times.

Michael, the President of the International Freezone Association, was quoted as saying, "We are pioneering the freedom of Ron's Technology. There are many people in the freezone providing the activities necessary for people to advance up the spiritual ladder. This is no mean feat when you consider they are working with little support and money."

It's hard to tell whether the existing rift between the Church and the Freezone Association can help Scientology or contribute to its demise. The Freezone Movement may have the momentum, but they don't have the resources (and the celebrities) that the church enjoys as an organization.

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