Scientology The Religion

Scientology is a 20th century religion that is gaining favors among people who are seeking to be enlightened and who were able to identify a purpose in their life, known collectively as transcending this materialistic world. Many religions that uphold a similar belief, but what makes Scientology a more favorable religion is its beliefs in the following:

Man is more than flesh and blood. The goal that Scientologists try to achieve is transcendence from this earthly world to a higher spiritual state. They believe that man is more than a physical assembly of flesh and blood; he is a creature that is inherently spiritual. Because man is more than the physical being, he is not limited. Any perception of limitations is manufactured in this physical world and is therefore surmountable. Scientology offers working tools that can be used to overcome man's limitations.

Man is essentially good. Man, according to Scientology, is essentially good. Upon his creation, he was given innate capabilities that will lead him to pursuing everything that is good. His nature continuously transforms to fulfill that which is inherent in his good being. What makes some people evil then?

Scientologists believe that while man is by himself a good being, the experiences that he undergoes throughout his life along with the influences of his environment, cause him to pursue the path of evil. Also, the manner by which confronts his problem creates a confusion that deter him from realizing that other's interests, and not his own alone, are important. This then causes troubles for himself and for others. In the end, man forgets his true purpose for being here.

But Scientology tries to bring back to man awareness. It tries to re-establish and preserve man's spiritual integrity through its teachings. It tries to heal the deterioration and corruption that has caused mankind his attachment to everything of this world. Through bringing this understanding to man, Scientologists believe that he can still achieve spiritual betterment regardless of how corrupted his spirit has become. This religion trusts in the truth of that.

Man is capable of increasing his spiritual awareness. Man, is by nature, a spiritual being and it is his nature to achieve higher spiritual betterment as he goes through life. Although distraction from this basic purpose is inevitable, Scientology belies that by reversing this process, diminishing awareness of this purpose can be achieved. The key is in rehabilitating the individual to increase his spiritual awareness as well as spiritual freedom.

Man is capable of understanding himself. In the confusion of today's living, man has deteriorated enough that he has forgotten himself and the innate values he is equipped with. But Scientology thinks this is reversible. With workable techniques, laws and methodologies, man can restore himself back to his original state. Alongside this is the restoration of man's happiness, dignity, and sense of purpose.

Understanding of oneself is essential in Scientology as this brings about a better understanding of others and by extension a better understanding of the world he lives in.

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