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The technical advances in the current era have made many things possible for us. Even now, more and more technological breakthroughs are still coming out of the woodwork, making our lives much easier. We have our high-end mobile phones, HD televisions, and iPods to get us through our days; and most of all, we now have the internet to rely on for sharing information at a speed our forefathers wouldn't have imagines.

Sure, technology has improved our way of living, but does it really make us happier? Does it pave the way to true spiritual enlightenment?

Maybe all the perks of modern living are distracting us from the things that really matter. Maybe the overbearing amount of stimuli around us has reduced us to mere automatons as we get carried away by the tide of information that is simply too tempting and overwhelming to ignore. Maybe, without us being aware of it, we are all living in quiet desperation.

It's about time we start asking ourselves again the most important questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are we doing? Indeed, these questions have been asked already by the great philosophers of ages past. And up to now, the answers to these questions continue to elude us.

That was the case, at least until Scientology came along. Scientology is an applied religious philosophy that has formulated a specific model that should answer the most important questions that have been asked by man. It holds a common ground with many philosophies and religions with the view that man is a spiritual being. This is a far cry from the stance made by the scientific community, whose methods are deplorable for the fact that humans are being treated like cattle.

Man, according to Scientology, is inherently good; he just needs to absolve himself of negative energy in order to spur him in the direction of true fulfillment. Evil deeds, according to the religion, are brought about by experiences in life and not by man's own nature. As a result, he solves his problems in order to alleviate pain and suffering, without thinking about the negative results brought about by the solutions he uses. This, in turn, causes malaise and suffering to the society as a whole. With the help of Scientology, man can respond to his anxieties and problems without compromising his honesty and dignity as a human being.

Scientology uses a spiritual counseling process called 'auditing' to rid its members of the negative forces that are brought about by his past experiences and help them achieve enlightenment. A session involves two people: the person being audited and the auditor. The auditor uses an electronic device called the E-meter, which is used to measure mental mass and energy. The auditor then asks a set of questions that can guide the person being audited to help him achieve spiritual awareness and activate untapped potential.

The auditing method has improved the lives of many individuals who wanted to make a change not just in themselves, but also in the world around us. With the principles of Scientology in mind, people can live with dignity and live in harmony with each other.

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