Introduction To Scientology's Sunday Service

Like other religions, Scientology has a day for congregation. This is what they call the Sunday service.

The Sunday service is generally seen as focal point for uniting all the members of the religion on a single day. This is the day when they participate in their local churches to hear messages of inspiration, teachings and to pray as one.

The Sunday service consists of many different parts. Prime among these are the sermons of the particular church's leader based on the teachings of Scientology's late founder L. Ron Hubbard. An alternative to actual sermons is the playing of recorded lectures which were made by Hubbard years ago. The rest include:

The Recitation Of The Creed Of The Church Of Scientology
Scientology follows a specific creed. The recitation or reading of this creed is what starts every Sunday service. In summary, this creed affirms the aims of Scientology as a religion, outlines the missions of the church, allow members to rededicate themselves to the church, and outlines the expectations from the individual members of the church be it a supervisor, a manager, an auditor, or a basic member.

The Sermon
As was previously mentioned, the Sermons delivered during the Sunday service are based on the teachings of its founders. There are at least 35 million spoken and written words which L. Ron Hubbard delivered regarding the religion and its principles and beliefs. And Hubbard delivered at least 3,000 lectures all over the world which detail the path he has taken to the founding of Scientology. These earlier teachings are then used as the basis for the sermon of the minister for the Sunday service. These are often made current and relevant to the present conditions of the society and each individual. The goal of the sermon is to send away each member with higher spiritual awareness and increased understanding of how to apply the teachings in everyday life.

Group Auditing
Auditing is one of two major practices within the religion. It is basically a process that is akin to the spiritual counseling practiced by other religions. Although the process is often done on an individual basis, wherein there is an auditor or counselor to one subject, on Sunday service, this is performed in groups.

In group auditing or group processing as it is often called, the same processes are involved. The auditor gives a series of auditing commands (in Scientology jargon, a process) which is aimed at increasing the spiritual awareness of the subjects. These commands are comprised of specific sets of questions that are said to free the subjects up of their troubles.

The church of Scientology has different activities outside those of the activities of the religion itself. These often include community outreach activities. It is part of the minister's duty then to duly announce the schedule of activities during the Sunday service to remind the members of their individual obligations to the church and to their communities.

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