From Sunday Service To Audits: Crash Course On Scientology Ceremonies

Remember the connection of Scientology to famous Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise? This organization has been at the receiving end of great attention- both positive and negative- thus making this one of the most talked-about and gossiped organization in the United States and other parts of the world. Some may be true and some may be unfounded, but there is no denying the great influence and teachings that form part of the group. And it's a disservice if the teaching and principles of this organization are passed over in favor of wild talks.

It's good as well to have a better understanding on what they stand for and for what. And one better way of understanding this body of beliefs is by knowing their typical religious services and ceremonies. If the Catholics have their Sunday masses, baptism and the like, Scientology too has its own share of important religious ceremonies. For members of this organization, there are select ceremonies that make them what they are. A perfect example is their version of the Sunday Service.

Sunday Service with the Chaplain

The Sunday Service is officiated by the Chaplain or a minister and this is done once a week and this is open as well to non-members. The Chaplain will often speak about a topic related to the teachings of the religion and will explains how the teaching can be applied to day-to-day living. Some of the most common topics that are explored on the Sunday Service include the eight dynamics, the Creed of the Church and man as the spiritual being. The intent of the service is to inspire the members to commit more to the organization. Just like the Catholic's Sunday Mass, the service is consists of a number of activities which will include readings and the sermon. The reading will be about the Creed of the Church, and the topic of the sermon is all about the writings of L. Ron. Hubbard , founder of the organization.

The sermon that is present in every Service is an important part of the ceremony. Here the principles of the group are discussed, and the intention of the Chaplain is to inspire the members or even non-members to have a greater level of spirituality the moment they leave the church.

Group Auditing as an important component of the Service

But speaking of important religious services, the group auditing is still the most central to the minds and hearts of the members of Scientology. The auditing is still part of the typical Sunday Service. The group that attends the service will be under the guidance of the minister that acts as the auditor. There will be a set of commands that can increase the awareness of the participants so that they can free themselves from the material things and become more spiritual.

Other than the Sunday Service, there are other religious ceremonies that are performed that are similar to the ceremonies of other religions. Weddings being an important event are celebrated as well. Plus there are formal goodbyes as well for funerals- the only difference is that they make these ceremonies more unique.

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