Doctrines Of The Scientology Religion – The Fundamental Truths

Although Scientology is born out of the religious beliefs in the East, it is here in the West where the religion is founded. And while the beliefs it holds stem from as far back as 50, 000 years ago, it uses twentieth century technology to communicate to people who are considering to join the religion. But Scientology is more than the collection of individual beliefs and principles from different eastern and western religions and it is definitely more than a modern version of these, it is also a tool that offers workable and precise technologies for putting these principles into application.

That pretty much sums up the doctrines of Scientology. But of course, there is more to this religion than what was already described.

Scientology and all its principles and fundamentals were created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard who lived during the early part of the 20th century. He died in 1986.

His religion was founded in 1952 after his creation of an earlier self-help system which he called Dianetics. Dianetics describes the principles that govern the metaphysical relationship of the body and the mind. According to this principle, the mind exists in three parts – the analytical conscious mind, the reactive subconscious mind, and the somatic mind. The goal of dianetics is to surmount the challenges of the reactive mind to go back to the true nature of a thetan which is not limited by his physical body. This is largely practiced by followers of the Scientology religion.

Scientology owes much of its religious doctrines from certain 'truths' which Scientologists consider fundamental and unquestionable. Prime among these truths is that man, as a being, is inherently spiritual. He is a spiritual being that undergoes several lifetimes to achieve spiritual development. Scientologists believe that being a thetan, the true nature of the physical being which is inherently good, equipped with limitless creativity, and non-material, the lifetimes they have to live will enable them to go back to their roots and be free of the limitations of the human body.

And although the members of this church don’t believe in the absolute freedom from problems and worries, the spiritual development that each lifetime of a thetan undergoes equip them with the understanding and awareness that enable their spiritual being to respond better to their current lives.

Scientology also believes in the fundamental truth that man is inherently good. He is a thetan after all, a pure spirit. His spiritual salvation depends on whether or not the thetan being enclosed in man's physical body is able to move up the ladder of spiritual development (a process Scientologists call 'The Bridge to Freedom') to restore what was lost to him – the inherent qualities of a thetan. It is also dependent on whether or not he has attained a degree of reconnection with his environment and the universe itself.

Finally, Scientologists believe that man's capabilities are limitless. He is godlike in nature and therefore is capable of creating and doing things that are exclusive to godlike beings.

In summary, the fundamental truths that the doctrines of Scientology support make it the ultimate religious philosophy. It concerns itself with the spiritual being of man, in the rehabilitation of that spiritual being, and in the restoration of the native capabilities of that spiritual being.

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