9 Important Things You Should Know About The Scientology Religion

Let's go straight to the facts.

What is scientology?
Scientology is a religion or a religious cult that espouses three fundamental truths: that man is essentially spiritual, that he has limitless capabilities and that he is capable of reaching higher states of spiritual freedom. Its beliefs maintain that while it is challenging for man to go back to his original godlike form as a Thetan, there are solutions and methodologies that could guide him to that perfect state.

Who founded scientology?
The religion was founded by speculative fiction writer Lafayette Ron Hubbard or better known as L. Ron Hubbard.

When and how was it founded?
Prior to the founding of Scientology as a religion, Hubbard was able to publish a runaway bestseller entitled Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. This book basically teaches a self-help system that borrows much of its principles from psychoanalysis. Apparently, this was the book that spurred Hubbard to form a new religion that is founded on the teachings of his book. Thus in 1953, the Scientology Religion was born and the book on Dianetics has become the holy book of the religion.

What is dianetics?
Dianetics is a self-help system that became a phenomenon during its release in the 1950s. It teaches spiritual healing that resolves the physical, psychological and emotional ailments of a person.

What is the relationship between Scientology and dianetics?
Dianetics was basically the basis for the formation of the religious cult. Its phenomenal success urged Hubbard to establish a religion that will use it as its basic teaching. All in all, Scientology applies the method called Dianetics.

Apart from Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, what are the other scriptural texts of Scientology?
Pretty much anything from recorded teachings, films to much of Hubbard's writings are considered components of the Scripture of Religion. These form the basics of what is taught to all members of the religious cult.

As of the moment, there are at least 3 encyclopedic reference series, 100 films, 18 books, 3,000 lectures and more than 35 million words that are considered the fundamental principles and teachings of Scientology.

What are the religious teachings of scientology?
Although a contemporary religion, Scientology takes much of its teachings from older Eastern religious traditions. It also combines American Indian teachings, psychology, and other beliefs to form what is now taught inside the religion as its fundamental teachings. The religion's basic teaching is that man is a spiritual being that is capable of achieving spiritual freedom.

What does it mean to have an Eastern root and Western birth?
Followers of the religion claim that Scientology is rooted on the fundamental teachings of many Eastern religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. However, being born in the West, Scientology uses the technology of the West in creating workable technologies that can help members understand the spiritual concepts of life.

How does Scientology view other religions?
Scientology shares with other religions that aim of achieving spiritual awareness or freedom. It doesn’t claim to exclusivity and it respects the teachings of other religions. In fact, it specifically mandates that all members should 'respect the religious beliefs of others'.

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