About Racing Pigeons' Nutrition

Indeed, birds are wonderful pets to keep at home. Isn't it a great feeling to spend quality time with your family while petting these birds? Now, if you have decided that the racing pigeons will essentially make as the perfect pet for you, then, you must take time to know about its proper nutrition. Like humans, birds need to eat and drink for their survival. That is why; learning the basics of racing pigeons' nutrition is practical and significant at the same time.

Come to think of it. Birds are able to live long when they receive the proper nutrition they deserve. There are birds that feed on seeds while others feed on food. However, there are those that feed on a combination of seeds and food. If you are a first-timer in terms of keeping racing pigeons for pets, then, it is best to talk to a vet. This animal doctor surely knows how to make survival easy for these animals.

The Role of Vitamins and Nutrients in a Bird's Survival

To be able to keep your birds healthy and in perfect shape, they need to receive nutrients. Vitamin A is important for the bird to have good feathers and skin. Vitamin B, on the other hand, is essential for the bird's central nervous system. Meanwhile, Vitamin C is best in the prevention of different skin infections. The skeletal system then depends on its full development from the Vitamin D that the body receives. Sterility is then prevented by Vitamin E.

Other Essential Foods for the Racing Pigeon

Seeds are very important for the birds. There is a different kind of seed that racing pigeons may prefer to eat. That is why, it matters that you consult a vet. The stores also make available a blend of seeds that generally satisfy the birds and provide them with a significant amount of nutrition.

A common bird food is the suet, that which is composed of animal fat. During the warmer months, feeding the bird with suet is advised. You can opt for pork or beef fat or suet cakes and put them inside the cage.

To ensure that your bird gets a well-rounded diet, you may choose to feed it with meal worms, fruits, and egg shells.

The Right Nutrition at Different Stages

Basically, there are three major stages in a racing pigeon's lifebreeding, off-season, and training or racing. Each stage then requires a particular diet and feeding scheme. This fully applies especially when you prefer for it to succeed in sports.

These stages require a balance of energy (carbohydrates and fats), protein, minerals and vitamins.

Other important considerations to take are the sex and age of the bird, heavy training, long or short distance race, and the likes.

You can also enhance the racing pigeon's nutrition by including supplements to its water and food. As you take this bird under your care, you must ensure that you are able to provide for its good nutrition. In that case, it will survive for a long time.

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