A Guide To Training Racing Pigeons

Like athletes, racing pigeons can be trained as well. However, you must be ready to arm yourself with tons of patience because unlike human beings, they don't have much capacity to understand and obey you at once. You must be patient and determined to let them obey your commands.

It is best if you are the one who trains the bird given the fact that you are the master. However, if there are some reasons that stop you from doing so, you can always assign someone from your household to do the training. But, remember that the person must have enough patience. It will surely take time before the bird fully comprehends on your command. Thus, keep working on repetitions even when there are times you already feel frustrated.

Training the Bird to Sit on Your Hand

If you want your pet bird to be able to sit on your hand, then, you better let it get used to the presence of your hand inside the cage or loft. In that way, it will not be a cause of stress or alarm to the bird. While inside the cage or loft, take time to pet your bird and talk to it until such time that it becomes comfortable going near your hand or climbing on it.

Training the Bird to Move to another Finger

As the bird gets used to sitting on your hand, you can now train it to move to the other finger. Remember to be careful in handling it. Never hurt it or else it will not trust you anymore. Likewise, it is important to teach your pet to go back on the perch. The best way to do it is by moving it close and giving the command like "up".

Training the Bird to Go Back Inside the Cage

Racing pigeons love to fly. After all, that is their essence of being birds. Therefore, you must give your pet the chance to fly around outside the cage but be sure to teach it how to go back inside. Let the bird get used to the command "come" and always have a stick for your pet.

If you will be training your bird outside of the cage, be sure to get it used to being taken outside or in a basket for at least 5 to 10 minutes every day. This will lessen the stress and panic it will feel about being transited outside of its comfort zone.

Be consistent with your commands. Don't let it get confused because of your inconsistency. Keep on repeating the command words that you use so the bird will be able to familiarize it.

Training your racing pigeons is not difficult at all provided that you have tons of patience in your system. There are times when you already feel like giving up and frustration chews on you, but, don't fret. You can always teach your pet birds to do anything but it take your effort and time to succeed in this endeavor.

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