Tips on How to Buy the Right Pressure Washer for Your Needs

Pressure washers are considered to be one of the most effective cleaning tools available. With it, you will be able to clean most types of surfaces easily and efficiently. However, before you go out and buy a pressure washer, you have to remember that there are a lot of things that you need to consider.

For starters, there are so many types of pressure washers available today. And, you have to choose the right one that fits your needs or else you may end up with a pressure washer that is too powerful that it can damage your property or too weak that it wont clean effectively.

So, the first thing that you have to do when buying a pressure washer is to determine how you will use the equipment. This will help you choose the right pressure washer for the cleaning applications you have to do.

For this, you have to determine the pressure. Water pressure is an important variable that you need to consider when choosing a pressure washer. Generally, pressure is rated by water pressure, which is expressed in PSI or pounds per square inch. Your garden hose delivers around 40psi where pressure washers deliver 1400 to 4000psi.

You will find light, medium and heavy duty pressure washers available. Light duty pressure washers are rated less than 2000psi, which is perfect for cleaning or washing cars and boats as well as general cleaning around the house. Medium duty models are rated to produce water pressure of 2000 to 3000psi. This is very effective in removing grease and grime from concrete, siding, and decks. Lastly, you have the heavy duty pressure washers, which are rated to produce water pressure of 3000psi or more. This works well in removing stubborn stains and it can even strip away paint.

The GPM or gallons per minute is another factor that you have to consider when buying a pressure washer. Normally, you will find that as the pressure increase the GPM will also increase. Basically, a higher GPM will mean that it will be able to cover more surface area in less time. 3 GPM will be able to clean 8 to 10 square feet of area per minute.

Most pressure washers are already equipped with accessories. However, if it is not, you might want to consider buying the accessories yourself. You have to get extension wands in order for you to reach high places, water brooms to clean large flat areas, and different types of nozzles that you can attach to the wand.

The last step is to compare the price for the pressure washers you plan on buying. Shop around and you might get the best deal possible for a pressure washer. Also, you may want to consider buying a pressure washer that can eject cold and hot water as well as steam. With these three options, you will be able to expand your cleaning ability with the pressure washer. It may be a little more expensive than a regular pressure washer that only ejects cold water but if you see the cleaning applications, it will be well worth your money.

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