Your Right Way to Clean Porcelain Tiles

If you are one of those who have shifted from stone to porcelain tiles, then take note that with a good upgrading move will necessitate great responsibility. And that responsibility comes in the form of the right way of maintaining and cleaning your freshly installed porcelain tiles. There are proper ways on handling, managing and in cleaning these kinds of tiles and these are presented below. Well the good news is that cleaning these kinds of tiles is easy with the use of easy-to-get materials. But your only concern is that you need to be industrious and hardworking in a sense that you need to do the cleaning on a regular basis.

In general, when you say porcelain tiles it means that you need to sweep and vacuum it at least twice a week. A damp sponge mop can be used. And that mop can be immersed first on a solution that is made from cup of white vinegar and 2 gallons of water. This is often considered as the general way of cleaning the tile. But if you want specifics, then you must know that for every special type of porcelain tile there will be a set of special cleaning suggestions. We list the types of porcelain tiles, and the special cleaning suggestions that you can perform.

How to clean the unpolished porcelain tile. To start the maintenance process, you need to sweep and vacuum the floor first. Wet the floor with the use of cleaning solutions and hot water and let the surface stand for at least 5 minutes. If there are stains on the floor that are seemingly difficult to clean, what you can do is to scrub the floor after the cleaning solution has been applied. Use a floor machine to scrub the floor. Use only the active cleaning agents if the stains are really difficult.

How you can clean the polished tile. If you bought polished tiles, then the same starting steps are done. The only exception is that you must use the un-treated and dry mop instead of using the broom. The solution that will be used on the floor should be less in terms of the strength of the cleaning agent- if possible this should be 50 percent less than what is usually used on the unpolished porcelain tile. After these, the floor can be dried up slowly.

What's the proper way of cleaning the textured tile? For the textured tile, you need special cleaning tricks. The usual water and mop will not do when cleaning the textured porcelain tiles. If you own these kinds of tiles, then what you can do is to make the cleaning more frequently, and you need to sweep the floor in two ways. One way is to follow the direction of the tile, and the other way is to do it diagonally. A neutral cleaning solution should be used to remove remaining dirt, and once the surface has dried up, the scrubbing of the floor should be done in two directions as well.

It's evident that the better the quality of the porcelain tiles installed, the higher the need to delicately clean these tiles. So follow all these recommendations, and you'll be glad in the end since the tiles will last and its gloss will definitely impress.

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