Porcelain Tile: Why You Should Choose It over Ceramic

If your living space currently has patches of dull floorings, then perhaps this is the best time to coat them up with elegant floor coverings. You can choose from a wide array of carpets and parquet coverings, but none of them can match the durability of porcelain tiles.

Homeowners prefer tiles above any other kind of floor coverings, but they are oftentimes faced with a dilemma on which type of tiles to choose. Will it be porcelain, or ceramic? Both of them serve their purpose of providing your floors with beauty and strength, but there are differences between the two that makes porcelain tiles stand out from the rest.

A porcelain tile is actually a ceramic tile, but it is the better kind of ceramic tile. Let's go first with the similarities. They are both composed of the same ferrous sand materials, which are clay and quartz, combined with water. Once the tiles are formed, they are blazed in high temperatures and are sometimes glazed to end up with a smooth and shiny surface.

One of the main reasons why most people prefer tiles over the other floor coverings is the feeling of cleanliness that the tiles exude when seen on the floor. This aspect, on the other hand, is also where porcelain tiles have an advantage as compared to the ceramic ones.

Ceramic tiles are formed using red, brown and white clay, while most porcelain tiles are composed of only white clay. Their clay compositions explain why porcelain tiles appear cleaner and sleeker than the ceramic ones. There is a slight reddish coloration underneath the surface of a ceramic tile that is caused by the mixing of white and red clay during its formation.

Apart from the difference on the appearance, the most important factor that sets a porcelain tile apart from a ceramic tile is it durability. Since porcelain tiles are composed of more highly refined and purified clay, they are denser and more moisture-resistant than ceramic tiles.

As a result, porcelain tiles can endure the moisture that can be caused by extreme weather conditions. Because they are less likely to absorb moisture, the more they can protect themselves from stains. If you're the man of the house, isn't it quite a relief that you'll be spared a lot of your time from just making your floors squeaky clean? With porcelain tiles, you can simply leave them as it is, no matter how harsh the environment can be.

It's not surprising that more people are now replacing their floor coverings to porcelain tiles. They are not only ideal for indoor flooring, but they are starting to become popular as an outdoor flooring as well. With their low absorption capability, porcelain tiles can definitely withstand a cold temperature outdoors. They are less likely to crack when exposed to freezing temperatures.

With all of the good qualities that porcelain tiles possess, it really makes good sense to start having them as a floor covering. They are definitely more expensive as compared to ceramic tiles, but durability-wise, you'll be able to save more money in the long run. Porcelain tiles are certainly worth an investment.

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