How to Care and Clean for Porcelain: From Coffee Stains to Oil Stains

One of the coolest things to collect and to treasure is porcelain. They are nice to look at, and its delicate construction makes it a good addition to any living room showcase. They are more fitted to be placed on a pedestal because it's a shame if these pieces will be regularly subjected to use, abuse and to dirt. And this is the reason why many collectors and homemakers select a special place in their homes where they can store the porcelain.

But no matter how careful you may be in handling these collectibles, there will be times when accidents will happen and the porcelain pieces will get dirty. So what needs to be done when the porcelain gets in the wrong and dirty hands? Here are some usual stains and tips on how you can address these issues:

Coffee stains are common issues for porcelain. And when your treasured China collection gets stained by coffee, you only need to dampen the cloth with water. And you need to dip this wet cloth on the baking soda. Wipe the affected surface with the use of the damp cloth.

There will be times when kids may spill fruit juices or tea on the porcelain. When this happens you need to prepare a solution that is made of one tablespoon of tri-sodium phosphate and a quart of hot water. Use this solution to wash the porcelain or the affected part. After this, you need to wash the porcelain once again with another solution containing 3 tablespoons of laundry bleach and a quart of water.

What to do when grease takes over the porcelain? If this happens for the porcelain, then you need to make use of a stiff-bristled brush and use this to brush the affected area of the porcelain together with a strong solution of household detergent. The strong detergent by the way should be diluted first in a gallon of hot water. This should speed up the removal of the grease.

What if the stain on the porcelain is of unknown origin, and you are not too sure who made that to the porcelain? If you are faced with this, you will need to apply a stiff past of whiting also called the calcium carbonate and add household ammonia. Once applied, you need to let the mixture stand on the surface of the porcelain for at least an hour. Once the time frame has elapsed, you should wash the affected area with soapy water. Remember that this is applicable for glazed surfaces. But for porous surfaces you should mix scouring powder and water, and the mixture should be used to wash the affected area. Again, let it stand for a few minutes before brushing the stain once again.

And if an oil stain concerns you, you also need a mixture of scouring powder and water. And this mixture should be applied to the stained area.

Stains will always be there no matter how careful you are. But don't worry; you know the tricks to do when confronted with the situation every now and then.

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