Cleaning Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain is a material that is preferred by many homeowners for flooring because of its easy-to-clean properties. Keep in mind though that this doesn't mean regular cleaning isn't an option. Porcelain is still susceptible to wear and tear, and it'll be a waste if the beauty of the material is not allowed to accentuate your home.

Porcelain flooring come in three types: polished, unpolished and textured. Each one has its own unique properties that require a specific cleaning method to keep it free from dirt. The following is a break down of all porcelain flooring types and the preferred cleaning method for each.

Cleaning Polished Porcelain Flooring

Sweep the dust off the floor using an untreated dry dust mop. Don't use the broom for it can damage the polish from the porcelain tile. Pour a quarter of cleaning solution in a bucket, add hot water and stir the solution briskly. Dip the dry dust mop inside the bucket and sweep the surface of the porcelain flooring that needs cleaning. Once you have applied the solution evenly on the surface, wipe it using a clean rag until there's no sign of lather from the porcelain flooring. Do the same procedure for the whole expanse of the porcelain flooring.

Cleaning Unpolished Porcelain Flooring

Relocate your furniture to a different location in the house in order to prevent any hindrances in cleaning. Mix some non-bleach cleaning solution with hot water inside a bucket. Using a mop, apply the solution evenly on the unpolished porcelain flooring. Leave the solution for 5-10 minutes, but don't leave it to dry. Wipe the solution with a clean soft brush then sweep it again with the mop using just plain water this time. Remember to start with small areas to ensure that the cleaning is progressive. Repeat the procedure on the remaining areas and then leave them to dry.

Cleaning Textured Porcelain Flooring

This type of flooring requires more vigorous cleaning because of its ripples and bumps. The first thing to do is to sweep and vacuum the floor to get rid of dust and grit. Sweep or vacuum the floor in two directions to ensure thorough cleaning. Once that's been taken care of, mix a detergent solution or any kind of neutral solution with hot water and wipe the floor with the mixture using a hard bristled brush (use a soft bristled one for non-durable tiles). Leave the solution for 5-10 minutes then dab the flooring with a napkin and pat them until it becomes dry.

Additional Tips For General Cleaning And Maintenance

As with any floor surface, additional precautions and regular cleaning have to be administered to keep it looking shiny and pleasing to look at. Here are the supplementary tips on caring for porcelain tile flooring.

Do not allow people wearing dirty shoes to step on the tiles.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaning solutions or cleaners with bleach or acidic properties or they could damage the porcelain tiles.

Sweep the floor or vacuum it at least twice a week.

Place a rug outside the door to prevent grit from being carried over to the porcelain tile flooring.

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