Mobile Computing: Its Cosmic Essence To The Humankind

Any use of computer within a moving network is called mobile computing. The device used can be of different kinds, such as laptops, wearable computers, desktops, palmtops, pocket pcs, mobile phones, and any other similar device capable of receiving and transmitting data via the internet. It can also be referred to as the dynamics held by the computing process in general, in podcasters, MP3 players, and even digital cameras.

These devices can be used in mobile computing for as long as there are wireless technologies and capabilities such as the GPRS (general packet radio service), LAN (local area network), Wi-FI, and the recent introduction of a newer MAN (metropolitan area network), which is a network that covers a large campus or the entire city.

There are two categories:

Portable computing it refers to the wire communication, wherein the portable devices are themselves movable. In order to have access, you have to connect your portable device to a network port. This means too that whatever portable computing device you are using can be carried and used to wherever network ports are available.

Mobility computing is simply called the mobile computing these days. This makes portable computing almost in extinction, since wireless communication is the trend in today's technology. Mobility computing is the representation of the true wireless communication. The devices are movable, and communication can be accessed almost anywhere. In today's wireless world, the mobility computing is almost everyone's foray into nearly every aspect the human life has.

A Little Overview of its History

The first mobile computing devices used perhaps were those in vehicles. One example is the speedometers, being the first device to be computerized. These are found in the dashboards of the vehicles, and now more modern automobiles come with a number of high-tech computing devices.

Next to these devices are the cellular phones. Nowadays, there is a rampant use of this technology and almost all modern units are used for mobile computing. With the advancement of today's technology, the cell phones now can already access the internet. They also have the Bluetooth technology which can be used to facilitate data transfer and bring users closer within a specified span or coverage.

The MAN is perhaps the latest most brilliant wireless technology advancement since it allows cell phones and vehicles to be with each other's communication area in a more cosmic coverage than the internet. It has never before brought this communication until this technology was invented, bringing more people closer together even when physically apart in a wide campus or large city.


Mobile computing has become a large essential part of everyone's lives nowadays. It doesn't matter where you are, because you can check mails and send SMS or MMS, short messaging and multimedia messaging services, respectively. It doesn't matter too what generation you belong to, because it is an indispensable technology both to youngsters, who are getting to become 'mobile addicts' and 'gizmo freaks,' and professionals, who can never deny the great impact of its use to their everyday lives.

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