Tips When Buying Parts For Lift Chairs

When your lift chair suddenly malfunctions or acquires a slight defect, it may be wise for you to consider other available alternatives before completely replacing the furniture. After all, there are numerous parts for lift chairs that can be bought from various sellers and which you can connect and troubleshoot yourself. If not, then a lift chair repair service can still prove to be many times more cost-friendly than buying an entirely new one.

Here are some tips that you should consider when deciding whether to buy lift chair parts.

First, determine which part has malfunctioned. Try to check if anything has been simply overlooked like an unplugged cord or a remote control with batteries that have already expired. Whenever possible, try checking out the lift chair's manual to have an idea on how the mechanisms work. You can also download some lift chair guides on the web provided that they apply to the model or style of your chair. You will learn a lot about your own equipment and you may even discover that there really exists no defect. It is never too late to get to know more everything within your home including your lift chair.

Once you've done your best to identify whether any of the parts is indeed damaged, the next step is to consider a repair service (this is assuming that you have already checked the defect and had confirmed that you cannot do the troubleshooting). Check out your lift chair's proof of purchase and find out whether there are provisions for troubleshooting problems. There is highly a warranty for the chair or at least for any of its parts which will entitle you to a free repair or even free replacement (you should never buy a lift chair without a warranty).

It is important that you always store proofs of purchase for all your furniture to avoid problems with warranty eligibility. Otherwise, be prepared to spend money for a repair or replacement. But you may still check with your lift chair provider for any work-around options.

Be aware that not all parts of a lift chair can be easily replaced. However, the five most common replaceable parts are the (1) power cord, (2) remote control with the battery, (3) transformer, (4) lift motor, and the (5) lifting mechanism. These parts are truly easy to replace that you can even do the procedures at home without the need for a repair service. For the other parts, you need to check with your lift chair provider if they can even be purchased separately.

Your lift chair provider should always be your first consideration when searching for replacement parts. Aside from the fact that they will surely have a compatible model for your chair (because it came from them), they can also make the best recommendations that will improve the function of your lift chair as well as its durability.

Finally, you have to consider whether to buy OEM parts or OEM-quality parts for lift chairs. Products from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are certainly of best quality but may be financially challenging. OEM-quality parts are much cheaper and, although not originally made by the manufacturer, may still showcase a great degree of excellence.

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