La-Z-Boy or Lazyboy: Lift Chairs Of Real Comfort

Certainly the sound of "lazyboy" lift chairs does not seem an ideal concept at all. Especially that the recession is just starting to get better, the last thing we need for complete recovery is a catalyst for Americans to just sit on a chair, get lazy, and have a great, peaceful, solitary moment with himself. Well it's not really "lazyboy" they say it's "La-Z-Boy". The unique name surely creates an indelible impression that just makes you want to check on their lift chairs and see the product behind the controversial brand.

But that's not considering the rich and colorful history behind the La-Z-Boy lift chairs. Because if we do, then all other possible negative criticisms to the name can never match the reputation La-Z-Boy has so firmly established over the years. Founded in as early as 1927, La-Z-Boy has continually developed and innovated chairs to deliver a whole new experience in sitting and to give a much more improved meaning to the term "real comfort". From wooden folding porch chair as its very first design, La-Z-Boy now offers a wide variety of products engineered to satisfy different consumer demands.

Numerous furniture companies have also partnered with La-Z-Boy creating a so-called La-Z-Boy family. This further establishes the position of La-Z-Boy as leader in the industry and attests to its willingness to cooperate for advancing the level of quality and comfort in furniture. Each member must remain loyal to the standards of an excellent product and satisfactory customer service. Some of these companies include England Furniture, American Drew, and Kincaid Furniture which have various specializations and target market.

La-Z-Boy takes pride in all its recliners and boasts that not all of them are created equal. Meaning, its more than 70 types of lift chairs can be especially distinguished from the other varieties in that they have specific functions exclusive to their own designs. Some types are even further sub-classified to make sure that the lift chairs address as much as many specific demands from as many clients as possible. From structure, to design or style, to major functions plus extra interesting features, La-Z-Boy lift chairs strive to create a difference that make them all stand out in their own special ways.

In the past, La-Z-Boy has also already proven itself in pioneering significant changes that no any other furniture company has undertaken in the industry. Back in 1941 to 1946, when World War II was endangering the security of the entire nation, La-Z-Boy has ceased its commercial operations, produced no new recliners at all, in order to manufacture chairs that can be used by soldiers fighting for world peace ie. tank seats, crash pads, etc.

La-Z-Boy was also the first in United States to employ safety standards in the manufacture of lift chairs. Before the policy was even made compulsory for all US lift chair manufacturers, the company has already taken steps to ensure that no further accidents involving lift chairs occur among any of its consumers.

However awkward the sound of "La-Z-Boy" or "lazyboy" lift chairs may be, the name certainly shines especially after you find out the impressive facts behind a proven great brand.

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