Bath Lift Chairs: How they Help Seniors

Not all people are strong enough to move themselves. Aging often poses a challenge of mobility to many. Seniors are often faced with problems like arthritis, knee and hip pains, and the likes. Sometimes, they need to go through surgeries to make them well. However, that doesn't end there. They still tend to suffer from pain and limit their abilities to sit and get up without hassles. Because they can't be confined in bed for the entire day and they also have to bathe, there should be a medical equipment that can somehow help them relax and provide the ease that they terribly need. That is, the bath lift chair.

Why Get a Lift Chair

It can surely be very hard for elderly people to take time to cleanse and soak in the bathtub. They can't afford to walk on the slippery floors for fear that they may slip, fall, and get injured. At the same time, they may be afraid to just keep still while soaking under the warm water in the tub. To solve all these issues, it is always best to opt for a perfect bath lift chair.

Bathing Takes the Stress Away

Old people are normally heard complaining about the pain that bothers them. Thus, a relaxing bath can help soothe the discomfort they feel. It not only relaxes but likewise helps take away pain and stress from the body. A warm bath is known to relieve tension and anxiety. But can seniors still soak in the bathtub despite their weakness or poor balance? Of course, they surely can!

Modern technology has paved way for the invention of the bath lift chairs. They are especially designed to help bathing an easy task for the older and handicapped people. Because the main purposes of the innovation are ease, comfort, and safety, these chairs do away with drilling or screwing on the bathtub floor. They are likewise created to perfectly fit into the standard sized bathtub.

Because of which, elders or those with mental disability can now independently soak in the bathtub for their much needed warm bath. You can also free your mind of the worries like your old man falling down, tripping on the bathtub floor, or acquiring more injuries. Traveling is also easy because the bath lift chair doesn't require very complicated installation procedures.

Simple and Safe to Operate

No doubt, the bath lift chairs are simple and safe to operate. The design itself is geared for independence. Many of today's inventions are battery operated and safe to use even in the presence of water in the tub. The average lifespan of the rechargeable battery is up to three years.

Also, the modern models swivel up to 180 degrees. This feature makes it easier for the elderly to enter and exit the bathtub. Other models come with a flat bend-like chair that allows easy sliding on and off while some can be reclined to ensure a more comfortable soaking experience in the bathtub.

Give them this liberty. Get them a bath lift chair now!

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