A Guide to the Use of Medical Lift Chairs

The medical lift chairs, or the ones that are otherwise known as the recliner chairs, are indeed helpful pieces of equipment to the seniors and all those who are faced with certain mobility difficulties. Because they often find it challenging to sit and stand from the previous sitting position, they need something that will assist them and make every movement easier.

Also, the lift chair is perfect to be used by those who have just gone through knee or hip surgery, people who are bugged by severe arthritis, or those who are physically handicap. Since movement is very limited for these people, they have special needs. Exerting any effort no matter how little it is can be very challenging for them. That is why, all you need is to acquire a reliable chair that will help them sit and stand without going through much hassles.

However, there is a right way on how to set it up. When not assembled correctly, it may cause injuries or put the patient in danger. So, read on to know the essentials of maximizing the potentials and functionalities of the medical lift chairs.

Remember that these chairs are heavy and big. Of course, they come in various sizes so as to be able to accommodate individuals of different sizes. Thus, when you bring the lift chair at home, be sure to provide ample space for it. Keep in mind that the chair will be reclining and tipping so save at least two feet of distance from walls and from the other pieces of furniture surrounding it. Since some would recline up to about 180 degrees, make sure that it will not knock anything over and cause damage to the other ornaments at home.

Never place a mat or rug in front of the lift chair. Because the person to use this is primarily weak in balancing or has poor mobility capacities, slipping and falling may be the end results.

In case of battery backups, be sure to have the power system plugged into the wall. This will make certain that it will continue to operate despite power interruptions.

Use only the proper set of batteries for the remote controls. Modern innovations make available the remote controls and to ensure its full operation, the proper batteries should be used.

Before letting the patient sit, it is a must to make sure that the chair is in its full raised position. Sitting, after all, must take very little effort and bending of the patient's knees.

As the patient has positioned himself properly, it is time to press on the remote control button to be able to correct the recline position. Always check on the patient's comfort level.

Have the remote control within the patient's reach so that necessary adjustments can be made.

The medical lift chair has been invented to basically answer the needs of people who have a couple of disabilities. So, ensure that it is properly set up and let it do its job!

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