A Guide to Buying Lift Chairs for Seniors

Of course, you will surely have a couple of questions to ask especially if it is your first time to buy a lift chair for a senior in your family.

How will it benefit your old man? In more ways than one, lift chairs are used by those old people who now feel their age along with the challenges that comes along with aging already overpowering them.

Those who have weaker knees, ankles, hips, and joints are mostly the ones who have a need for the chair. Also, old folks who have been through some forms of accidents and find mobility a tedious task already are advised to utilize the lift chair.

Features of Modern Lift Chairs

The modern lift chairs come in various types these days. They are endowed with numerous features and they are as follows.

Some lift chairs are comprised of the so called weatherproofed materials such as the metal or treated wood. Even when you live in regions wherein the climate tends to be harsh, the unit can survive. It can even be brought outside since the materials that comprise them are able to combat the normal wearing and tearing conditions.

The more advanced models come with safety switches and locks. They help ensure the safety of the user. There are also more comfortable foot rests and seats.

The remote control device makes it easier for the rider to go up and down the stairs. Even when they are alone, they won't feel that their movement is limited.

The Many Options to Choose from

Choosing the right lift chair for seniors can be quite daunting for you especially when you are faced with different kinds. Take a look below on how they differ from one another and that will help you decide on which to take.

The 2-position lift chair. Don't be confused by the term because the main feature of this chair is its ability to be able to recline up to 45 degrees and up to any point from that. The chair will recline all at the simple touch of a button and can be halted between the normal and the 45 degree recline position.

The 3-position lift chair. This chair is able to recline to a flat position of up to 90 degrees. It can be stopped at any height. This is perfect for taking naps. It also allows the patient to position the feet above his or her heart.

The Infinite lift chair. This can fully recline and can be stopped at any point that is desired. What sets it apart from the two other kinds is that it has a separate motor that operates the foot rest. This allows the latter to be adjusted in different comfortable positions. This chair is best used when the person intends to sleep in it every now and then.

Moving around is obviously difficult for all of them so to provide them the ease and convenience, you can buy them a lift chair. Likewise, these chairs are endowed with remote controls so the disabled or seniors with limited mobility can once again enjoy living a normal life.

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