Toshiba Laptop Parts: The New Generation

Toshiba is one of the most sought after laptops in town. Recently, they joined Intel's latest Centrino mobile technology known as Sonoma chipset. It is used in the production of Satellite M45 laptops and Tecra A3. With this new innovation, Toshiba laptop parts are becoming more and more popular for those working at home and in the office. It is stylish and offers a long life with its reliable laptop parts that will surely not bring the users down to misery. It also combines leisure, fun and comfort into one.

Among the other Toshiba laptops in use nowadays, Tecra A3 is more convenient than the other. It provides the users the optimum use in operation, wireless connection and even on mobile security. It has the essential laptop parts that are made for supreme use of such as CD/DVD drives, motherboard, network card, floppy drives, adapters and power cords. The release on the Toshiba laptops that have Sonoma chipset started on January 2005. Tecra A3 is ideal for executives that are usually on the go fetching new ideas to add up to his business.

Other Toshiba laptops include the F10 which has a memory of 512 MB. Its hard drive can stored up to 60 GB. It is 3.8 kilograms with a dimension of 37.3x28.5x4.6 when in comes to the width, depth and height. The screen has a size of 15.4 inches. It is perfect for all needs of students, working moms and even the office people.

Next in line is the Toshiba M50 which has a memory of 512 MB. Its hard drive storage capacity is 40 GB while its screen has a size of 14 inches. The lithium ion battery can last up to 3.5 hours. It is a light laptop which has a weight of 2.25 kilograms. It is easy to carry and handle by almost all sorts of people. It also has a graphics memory capacity of 1280 GB. Toshiba M50 has also a super multi drive. It has a floppy drive and all the necessary laptop parts such as the motherboard and network card for better use. It is perfect for businessmen who are starting out in their chosen fields. Its features when combined are promising a smooth performance.

The gaming laptop which is called Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q850 has been the talk of the game lovers all over the world. It has an 18 inches thick screen to feel the realistic approach of games. The new Intel i7 720 QM is closely paired with Nvidia GeForce GTS 250M graphics card that has 1GB memory. It also has all necessary ports from Firewire to HDMI. It also has a Blu0ray drive as well as a 6GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066 MHz. Its weight is eleven pounds suitable for game lovers.

It also has a short spacebar but it is one of the latest improvements in Toshiba's gaming laptop that accommodates other controls necessary to win any game. The battery life was expected to last for two hours in a standard 12-cell battery.

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