The Meanings and Truths about the Color Ivory

Ivory is a neutral color that appears soft and nice. It is something that is a combination of white and brown that exudes the feeling of being at peace, simple yet elegant and shiny, but very much still pleasant. Overall, it is a calming color that will leave people who are looking at it feeling very serene and composed. This color has the same softness and pureness of white, but this appears to be a bit warmer. As an element, this comes from the tusks or on the bulk of the teeth of animals such as hippopotamus, narwhal, walrus, mammoth and elephant. The origin of the word meant elephant on the Ancient Egyptian that is why the term originally refers to the materials that come from the tusks of elephants.

Through time, people developed ways to use this object for practical and ornamental purposes. This was the first material that was used to create certain things before plastic was invented such as for piano keys, billiard balls, buttons, Scottish bagpipes and other ornamental items. It has a certain feel, especially on the piano keys that many people still look for it than the ones made from plastic substitute.

The ones that come from the tusks of elephants are considered as prized possessions by collectors and hobbyists. This is also hailed as a precious stone and the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift. It is also favored by some brides. They look for gowns that contain accessories that are made from this material or they want something that has this shade and color.

It may be very useful and there are many things that can be done from this. The same is true when you talk about this as a color. It carries various meanings depending on how it was used and how it appears. The same rule applies as with any other colors. You will feel certain vibes and appeal as you utilize things that carry this color. Not all people may believe these meanings. There are some who do not want to base their luck on color meanings, but you will not lose anything either by opening up your mind to the suggestions on how this can affect your mood and attitude.

A touch of ivory can be used to brighten up or lighten colors such as blue, orange, purple, green and turquoise in dark or medium mode. When paired with light peach, light brown or pale green, this color will give out an earthy tone that is still softer as compared with other natural palettes.

There are certain connotations to words that contain this as the root word. For example, this kind of dome refers to people who appear to be intellectual like teachers. When it refers to the tower, this means refuge or a place of seclusion. This can also be taken in a derogatory manner, like this can refer to a person who has been mentally or physically ill.

Ivory can come in various shades. It can be called off-white, milk white, pearl and opaline.

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