Secure Your Life with Identity Theft Reporting

Given the chance to live a simple life where the advent of technology do not conquer humanity yet, some people will prefer to have that so.

With the recent advancement, everything is beyond the control of people. Identity theft in the web world and in personal transactions is also increasing.

In spite of remarkable efforts, the problem continues to exist. This is how situation is getting worse. United States initiated a collaborative endeavor with the proper authority to solve the threat brought by identity theft.

Identity theft is indeed a menace in the United States society. The issue has been plaguing the state for several times. It already affects millions of US citizens. More and more victims’ everyday are filing their complaints.

According to the Bureau of Investigation in the United States, the status of identity theft is considered one of their most prevalent crimes. The statistic shows that the ratio of the crime is 1:5. In other words, for every five families residing in US, one of them is hooked by identity theft.

Why identity theft seems very intriguing? The crime is taking the personal information of another person without due consent, from his name down to other legal documents that a person possesses. In addition, after taking the personal information, the thief tends to use it in deceitful transactions where they can earn money.

United States present several preventive measures on how to stop further misuse of your identity once you discover that someone has stolen it from you. This is the identity theft reporting. It allows you to give prior notice to the agencies and bureaus concerned.

Here is how identity theft reporting works for you.

1. Contact the fraud departments where you apply the fraud alert. Fraud alert is place on your personal data when you have transaction to a particular office. Once notice a stolen identity, it will be immediately reported to you. However, fraud alert is one way to protect you from identity theft.

2. When you encounter identity theft, report the crime to the nearest local police or sheriff department in your place. Identity reporting should also be done immediately after you discover the crime.
Do not let it pass for over 24 hours because you will give the thief a chance to manipulate his actions. This is worse if it already involves your credit account.

3. After you have reported the crime, be sure that you request a police report. Sometimes, this is referred to your personal statement about the scenario that happened.

Be factual and honest as possible in your narration. This will serve as a basis for the authority to make the necessary investigation.

4. Coordinate with your creditor banks and notify them about the crime. Let the banks and utility companies freeze all your accounts. The police report that you asked from the sheriff will also be asked from you by the bank.

Make sure that you are able to present one for them. You can be accountable for a minimal amount for your account replacement. Some banks provide you with new passbook or credit cards. Sometimes, they will also issue you new account numbers.

5. Prior to your identity theft reporting, if you monitored that somebody already made unauthorized withdrawal from your account, notify the bank right away. By doing this, they will immediately make efforts to trace the person who made the withdrawal.

6. You should i8nstyantly stop your payment to any existing accounts using your previous identity. You can alert the check verification company, as well. This will make them reject whoever will attempt to withdraw from your stolen account.

7. Aside from your account and credit account numbers, you should also make a report to the SSS office for them to issue new SS card for you.

It is very important that you protect yourself from being one of the victims of identity theft because if not you will suddenly notice that you almost loose everything that you own; it can be both your reputation and your property. Do not let these things to happen before you. Act now before it will be too late!

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