Top Ten Myths about Homeopathy

Although homeopathy is popular as an alternative medicine, many people are not very much informed about how it really works. The following are 10 common misconceptions of people regarding homeopathic medicine.

Myth #1: Homeopathic treatments work slowly.

Certain conditions such as headache, colds, and flu can be cured quickly with homeopathic remedies. More serious diseases such as eczema and acne take longer to heal simply because they are complicated.

Myth #2: Homeopathic medicine does not work for serious and deadly illnesses.

This alternative medicine, like conventional medicine, can treat life-threatening ailments such as diabetes and cancer. In fact, some studies have shown that homeopathic medicine works just as well as conventional medicine in treating diseases such as malaria. However, not all deadly diseases are treatable with homeopathic medicine.

Myth #3: Homeopathic medicine is similar to Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

All these three medical systems are alternative forms of medicine, but they are not one of the same. Homeopathic medicine uses natural substances diluted in alcohol or water, while herbal medicine uses plants. Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India, works on the principle that all materials from plants, animals, and minerals can be used to cure diseases.

Myth #4: Homeopathic treatments are for humans only.

Homeopathic remedies can also be used on animals. These remedies are becoming popular for treating pet conditions like stress, anxiety, and allergies.

Myth #5: Homeopathic medications should not be used with modern medications.

Homeopathic medications can work well with modern medications. For example, patients who are going through chemotheraphy lessened the side effects with the help of homeopathic treatments.

Myth #6: All homeopathic treatments for a certain disease work for all people.

Homeopathic medicine treats every person differently. Therefore, a single remedy will not treat every person who has the same disease or medical condition. The right remedy depends on the specific symptoms of a patient. This principle is a far cry from traditional medicine, which provides a single medication to treat general conditions.

Myth #7: Homeopathic medications are hard to find.

That was not a myth a few years back. But today, a lot of homeopathic remedies are available at major drug stores. Big retailers sell homeopathic medications for conditions such as flu, colds, and insomnia.

However, specialized remedies, or those prescribed by homeopaths for a certain case, are not readily available. Such medications are available on the Internet, at natural drug stores, and health food shops.

Myth #8: You can treat yourself once you have gained knowledge about homeopathic medicine.

For acute conditions such as flu and colds, this can be true. But treatment of chronic and complicated diseases requires the expertise of a well-trained homeopathic physician.

Myth #9: Homeopathic medicine has never been proven effective in large-scale trials.

This misconception, which stems from some people looking at the wrong information, is not true. Several successful trials are in fact quite large.

Myth #10: Homeopathic medications have no measurable substance.

Most homeopathic remedies have measurable substances, though some medicines for homeopathy contain substances that are not measurable.

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