The Elderly And Homeopathy

As people grow older, our bodies become weaker. The immune systems starts to weaken, the body undergoes degeneration. The elderly would often times experience limitations with their vitality and overall body functionality. With homeopathy, the overall health condition of an elderly could improve it could even address conditions associated with aging.

Alzheimer Disease

Statistics showed that about 2 to 4 % of 65 year olds would be at risk of Alzheimers disease. In this condition, brain cells are gradually lost. This could eventually lead to dementia, which refers to the decline or deterioration of the brains performance. Homeopathy aims to control the disease before it could inflict more damage to the brain and at thee same time improve communication skills and memory retention. However, homeopathic remedies for Alzheimers disease are not the same, it would depend on the evaluation of each patient.

Hair loss

Another common problem that occurs with aging is hair loss. One thing to understand is that homeopathy would not be treating hair loss from the scalp. It would treat hair loss from within or internally.


There are a lot of homeopathic remedies for arthritis. There are remedies which could remove immediate pain and stiffness of the joints. In the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 82 % of elderly patients suffering from arthritis were able to get pain relief by using homeopathic medicines. Some of the remedies would be Aconitum, Actea spic, Arnica Montana, Belladona, Chamomilla, Sulphuricum, Pulsatilla nigricans, etc. The list could go on and on. When using homeopathic remedies for arthritis for the fist time, consult a practitioner to first to give you prescription based on what kind of pain you frequently feel.


Gout happens when there is a build-up of uric acid. It could be extremely painful. Its causes could be diet, genetics and even medications that a person is currently taking. Homeopathic medicines could provide pain relief when there is join inflammation and pain happening due to gout. There are different substances which could be take for pain relief, always check with your practitioner or with your health care provider.

Heart disease

Another common problem along aging would be heart disease. It is important to be clear that heart disease is a condition that CANNOT be treated by homeopathy alone. Homeopathic remedies used with this condition are complimentary medication. During heart attack incidents, it is important to bring the patient to a medical facility immediately. When taking homeopathic remedies for heart disease, there are some medication that should not be taken in the event of a heart attack.


As we grow older, the body fully absorb the necessary vitamins. Bones are less porous, therefore it could not absorb the needed amount of calcium. Taking homeopathic medicines will not reverse any kind of calcium and bone loss. What homeopathic medicines could do is help the body in maximizing and utilizing its minerals and nutrients.

Parkinsons disease

When suffering from Parkinsons disease and you would like to treat it with homeopathy then it is important to have an evaluation first with the expert homeopath. The homeopath would be recommending the medications that should be taken and how often it should be ingested.

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