Myths Besieging Homeopathy

It is not new that alternative medicine would often be criticized for its practices, nor its effectiveness questioned. It is not different with homeopathy. Homeopathys history dates back as early as its discovery in 1700s. However, the questions raised by modern medicine and the production of chemical drugs and medicines lead to its decline in the United States.

Given this history, there are a lot of myths surrounding this medical practice. Homeopaths and followers of this kind of medical treatment would disapprove of these allegations and are slowly conducting research and studies to further backup their medical field.

Here are some common myths besieging homeopathy.

Myth1. Homeopathic remedies are as good as placebos. They do not have any curing or medicinal properties.

Homeopathic medications may taste sweeter compared with conventional medicines, but it does not mean that they do not have medicinal properties. These medications are meant to stimulate the body to do its self-healing. Homeopathic medicines all undergo process called potentization through dilution and succusion. In fact, all homeopathic medicines are approved by the FDA. They are covered with the same regulations covering conventional medicines.

Homeopaths are continually contesting the accusation that remedies are similar to placebos. Homeopathic treatment is most effective in resolving health and medical cases of babies, children and animals. How could the placebo effect happen to these patients when they are not conscious of what is given to them at all for medication?

Myth2. Homeopathic treatment is slow acting.
Homeopathy can be used in acute or fast progressing medical cases like fever, diarrhoea, cough or cold. However, immediate treatment is important. If not treated immediately the situation could result into a chronic condition, making it harder and longer to treat.

Myth3. Homeopathic practitioners do not have to train nor get educated.
Homeopathic practitioners are required by the state to finish training programs and courses. Actually, they are required to undergo four-year training before they qualify as homeopaths. Aside from that, national law states that homeopaths should have medical licenses and are practicing in another medical field before they can practice homeopathy. Some homeopaths would undergo almost 10 years of training before they would could be considered good in their field.

Myth4. Homeopathic treatment can handle all kinds of disorder.
Everything, everybody has limitations. So is alternative medicine. Although, homeopathic treatment may offer cures for some incurable diseases, it does not mean that it could cure or treat all kinds of diseases. Those condition which would entail surgery is something that homeopathic treatment cannot intervene.

Myth5. There are completely no side-effects.
There are indeed no side-effects for those taking homeopathic medicine. However, if the medicines are given with potecies of aroudn1X or 2X, then there may be side effects. There are also sensitive patients who would have problems with dilutions. Although homeopathy uses natural elements for their treatment, its potency may have an impact on its effect. Just like any other medicine, homeopathic remedies should be taken safely. Always consult a homeopath practitioner when taking medicines. It is important to get consultation prior to medication.

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