Limitations And Risks Of Homeopathy

Since its establishment, homeopathy has become one of the popular alternative medicines. Homeopathy works on the principle Law of Similars, which simply means that what causes the sickness could also be the source of the cure. Homeopathic patients are exposed to substances that creates or mimics illness symptoms. Patients would usually undergo a temporary worsening of their condition. This would eventually pass and would strengthen the patients immune and body system.

There are studies showing that there are patients who have responded well with homeopathy eventually reducing their risks of sicknesses. For example, there was a survey conducted by MedScape Today showing that out of their respondents, 38.4% of adults and 41.8% of children are satisfied with their homeopathic treatments and were able to experience relief from their medical conditions.

However, homeopathy is not a magic cure which could cure everything. Just like any other medical field, it has it limitations.

There are medical conditions which do not respond well with homeopathic medication especially those that would need surgery. It is important to reiterate that homeopaths are not against surgical procedure. Homeopathic practitioners are also doctors, they could understand the importance of surgery.

Conditions which are caused because of nutritional deficiencies cannot be resolved by homeopathy. Also, there are conditions that an individual may experience due to lifestyle, like exposure to harmful substances causing the disease. Changing or having a nutritional/diet plan and a change of lifestyle are the solutions for such problem.

There are some cases when the patient is not responding to treatment. Although the symptoms are evident, there are certain cases when a patient do not exhibit worsening or lessening of the symptoms. Identifying what kind of treatment would work for the patient would usually take a long time.

Another disadvantage would be the lack of homeopaths and homeopathic facilities where treatments could be administered. Some patients would find it difficult to look for a homeopathic practitioner. There are even some patients who would getting homeopathic treatments just because their practitioner died or retired or they moved to another house. This proves that some followers are unable to find good and reputable homeopaths. Although, there are homeopathic practitioners broadcasting their resume on the internet, they can be quack homeopaths and caution should be practiced.

On the technical aspect, insurance companies do not cover homeopathy treatments. This is another reason why some individuals would go to conventional hospitals to get treated since it can be covered by the insurance

Given these limitations, the patient and his or her family should be prepared for whatever happens with the treatment. If the patient is not responding to treatment or the symptoms are recurring, most homeopaths would recommend that the patient check with medical doctors.

In homeopathy, it is important to realize that there are boundaries. Not all diseases could be cured by this alternative treatment. The good thing is that homeopaths in the U.S. are also medical practitioners. They are able to define when conventional medicine should replace alternative medication.

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