Basic Goat Care Ideas That Many May Not be Aware About

Goat keeping or goat farming is not actually rocket science, and there are indeed basic goat care ideas that many may not be aware about.

In fact, basic goat care is actually pretty simple, sometimes trivial, but never too tricky or tediousall it needs is practical know how and common sense.

First and foremost, if you happen to supplement grass feeding with mineral or nutrient infused feeds, always read the label and never ever feed sheep feed to goats, same goes the other way around.

Sheep and goats are entirely different animal species, with entirely different characteristics, nutritional requirements and environmental needs.

Never feed bucks or wethers with grain products, which in raw form cannot be tolerated by their metabolism, but if you feel and see that the your bucks require supplementation, make sure to consult a veterinarian, who would recommend grain pellet feed specifically for bucks. Although grain products are good for does, it works otherwise for bucks.

Dry oatmeal is also a good choice, but should only be taken in moderation.
Goats, like dogs, love treats with a bit of variation likefallen tree branches, especially aromatic ones, grapes, raisins, bread, soda crackers and their favorite - animal crackers.But make sure not to overdo giving treats since it can be dangerous to their health.

Always make sure to feed fresh and nutritious hay - with or without alfalfa as needed. Fresh hay or grass is also loaded with natural minerals and nutrients that can help prevent diseases.

Do not forget to provide clean water and fresh water in a clean bucket, which during winter, should also be ice free.

You may also want to have loose minerals or mineral block available at all times and accessible to your goats. Salt can also be made available in a separate feeding dish or as a feeding block.

For does, also make sure to have a well balanced grain product handy at all times. It gives does added nutrients & minerals needed to stay healthy and helps in having healthy offspring.

It is easy to feed your does with grain, so always watch your animals condition to determine how much or how little they may need. Same way with supplementing lactating does with more protein, since this is important in their milk for young kids.

Be reminded that hoof trimming is necessary every 4 to 6 weeks, to keep your animal from developing hoof rot or leg and hoof issues.

Have your goats vaccinated annually with tetanus shots, as well as Bo-Se and Copper supplements as needed.

Heres another funny yet important fact, to make sure that every goat comes running during feed time, otherwise, something may be wrong.

Another tip at watching your goats condition is to check their coat. A coarse, dull, or thin coat can give you many clues from stomach or intestine parasites to nutrient deficiency.

Finally, look for signs of legs bowing (back or inward), since this can indicate a nutrient deficiency.

These are but some of the basic goat care ideas that many may not be aware about, but will surely be of good help in caring for your goats and knowing what signs to look out for.

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