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How To Start A Family Tree School Project

A family tree not only shows the history of your family, but it also includes other interesting historical facts, apart from just birth dates and birth places. The photos, documents, that are included may also serve as a valuable lesson for everyone about the hardships, tribulations and successes of your ancestors during those years. Here are some cool suggestions for starting a family tree project in your school.

A Family Tree Project Can Be Great For School Kids

A lot of schools in the United States have already started family tree projects for their students. The activity can actually be initiated without any research, and all that's required is the student and his or her family. A project on family history that's done from the standpoint of a fifth or sixth-grader, or even a kindergarten student, can be a very interesting and priceless one.

A family tree project can even be included as part of a history lesson, since learning about your family may also help you gain a better understanding of the history of other people. The best thing about undertaking a family tree school project is that the students will have a connection with their family history, and they'll also learn more about the significant events that took place during that period.

How To Start The School Family Tree Project

First, give your students a marker, and piece of construction paper. The colors you'll use can be anything that these kids are using. The student may also be asked, as part of their homework, to ask their parents to share their thoughts to their kids.

Ask the children to bring a ruler, which they can use to make a rectangle at the paper's bottom center, for their parents. If the student has siblings,also ask them to make slightly smaller rectangles on each side.

Instruct your students to write their names in the center rectangle, as well as write the names of their siblings on the appropriate boxes. Remember to give each student individual attention, so you can teach each student about the names of the people who are important to them.

Ask each of your students to draw two boxes, by using the same marker. They will need to connect the two boxes to their names, as well as their sibling's names, with a straight line. They will be writing their parent's names within the two boxes. Next, ask your students to label the top of the paper with the last name of their family, using the words Family Tree Of...

Once you decide to do a family tree project in your school, the benefits of doing one are aplenty. Your students will learn and appreciate their family's roots. This simple project may also develop into a passion among some of your your students, towards learning more about genealogy and history. The activity will also instill the values of doing research in your students

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