How to Behave in a Date

Some people have had their most embarrassing moments during a date, simply because they weren't following instructions. If you are going out with someone, make sure that you understand the rules perfectly. Get the needed information and prepare everything to have a fun and memorable night. Here are some tried and proven tips from the experts.


Plan ahead when you are going out, how long you will be staying out for and where you are going. You will need to ask permission and let other people know about the plans, so that they can stop worrying. You have to be ready 10 to 15 minutes before the time your date plans to pick you up. Men should be at their date's house early, but not too early.

You may send a text message or call your date to let her know that you will be on your way. When men pull up in front of their date's house, never honk the horn and just wait for the girl to enter your car. Get down, knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Meet your date's parents if they are available. This shows a lot of respect. Also let them know that you will be bringing their daughter back on time. Open the car door for your date as well.

How to Dress and Behave

Where do you intend to go? You have to wear the right clothes for the occasion. If you're going to a formal dinner, make sure you dress appropriately. Practice some table manners and how to eat in a fine dining restaurant. If you're going to the beach, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Plan your activities ahead so that you can bring the necessary items.

Make eye contact several times during your date. This makes the other person feel important and the sense that you are listening intently. Let the other person finish talking before you respond. Listen more and ask questions about the other person, instead of just talking about yourself all the time. Make sure you give your date compliments from the moment you see her. Try to make her feel special by saying you like her dress or shoes. Laugh at jokes, even if they're not very funny. Respond by telling a joke of your own. Jokes have to be decent and clean during dates.

Some Romantic Manners

It is a good idea to shut your cell phone off during the date. Do not answer your phone unless it is very urgent. Do not talk very closely or talk about sensitive stuff until your date opens the topic. Also keep your hands to yourself, especially during the first date. Be a gentleman by offering your jacket or giving your date more choices in the activities.

Keep flirting simple and set limits. Try to gauge and observe your date's observations. Do not be too forward or aggressive with your statements and questions. Get to know your date more before you move on. Finally, end the night formally by saying you have a nice time and bringing your date home safe and right on schedule.

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