10 Practical Steps Toward Excellent Telephone Etiquette

The act of using the telephone and speaking someone through the phone line is so common, such that most people fail to practice proper manner when doing this familiar act. Here are ten practical tips you need to consider for a more effective and ethical telephone communication:

Preparing For a Phone Call

Although most people make phone calls on a regular basis, practicing or making the necessary preparation will facilitate for a smooth communication between you and the person on the other line. During your preparation, you have to specifically focus on what you need to say to avoid missing out on any information. This is specially true when making business phone calls.

Starting the Conversation Right

The start of your phone conversation is often a good indicator of how the entire phone call will turn out to be. Thus, starting right is of utmost essential. You can use variety of polite greetings and introduction that will impress the person you are speaking to. But most importantly, you have to do this genuinely, such that the other person does not feel like listening to a voice prompt.

Establishing Rapport

In business calls in particular, rapport is very essential and it is a great way to influence the other person on the line, whether you are speaking to a fellow business personnel, an elderly woman, or a young woman. The more they feel comfortable speaking to you, the more interested they'd be with what you have to say.

How To Correctly Keep Them On-Hold?

There are cases wherein you are interrupted while talking to someone on the phone. The person you are talking to would not mind being kept on hold for a few seconds or a minute provided that you use an effective technique. By using polite words and explaining to them thoroughly the reason for keeping the conversation on-hold is the best way to do it.

Efficient Call-Transfer

Call transfer is quite common in businesses since you have to direct callers to another line on the business phone system, based on their specific inquiries or needs. With the use of effective call-transfer techniques, you can give the caller more light on who else is waiting for them on the other line, such that they won't be caught off guard with the phone conversation they are about to participate in.

Speaking Clearly

This bit of advice is true not just for phone calls, but in conversations in general. Your ability to speak clearly and get your message across is important to ensure a successful communication system, regardless of the medium used. Despite the advancements in communication technology, your ability to speak clearly is the most focal point in being fully understood.

Achieving the Proper Tone

Voice toning is a nonverbal factor that reflects your personality to the person you are speaking with on the phone, as well as affect your ability to communicate effectively. Thus, it is important to evaluate your own voice tone to avoid being misinterpreted or emit the wrong impression.

Speak Positive

Your ability to showcase a positive attitude during a phone call is first and foremost evident in your choice of language to use. Thus, choose those words correctly and avoid speaking without thinking about what you are about to say.

Listen Attentively

One of the most unethical practices one could exhibit during a phone call is failure to listen to what the other is saying on the phone line. After all, you would not want it for them to not listen to you while you are speaking.

Observe the Golden Rule

For all of the practical tips listed above concerning the proper etiquette when speaking on the telephone, it all boils down to the golden rule. Hence, try to treat others via phone the way you would want them to treat you. Putting forth the need to establish respect and dignity is even more important if you are making phone calls for business reasons.

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