Perfect Timing Tips to Walt Disney World Trips

Timing is everything for you to be able to enjoy your trip to Walt Disney World. There are four factors that you have to keep in mind as you plan for your vacation and these include the weather, crowds, park hours and special events.

Special Events

You have to know about the special events and when there will be extended park hours. These usually happen during the busiest times of the year. It may be your first instinct to avoid such dates, but you may want to reconsider once you have found out about the extended hours that the parks operate and events happening all over the place like special parades.

If it is getting too hot during the day, you may want to take a break and rest for some time at the hotel or resort where you are staying. You can go back to the parks at night wherein things can get a lot more exciting, especially at theme parks such as the Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. What should you expect during the night? Some of the attractions that you will get to enjoy once the moon appears include fireworks, special night parade and other special shows. You may also get to enjoy the rides that you’ve always wanted to try without falling in long lines.

Christmas may be one of the best times to visit the parks because this is synonymous to festivities and spectacular lights. This may be breathtaking and worth the price, but you must expect big crowds. The other fun times include the Flower and Garden Festival during springtime at the Epcot that features Flower Power concerts and the Star Wars Weekends in June. You can check out the calendar of activities for all the theme parks to be updated with all the events. This way, you can plan your visit wisely and so that you can make the most out of this trip.

Weather Considerations

If you will tag along your kids on this trip, you have to brief them about the weather, especially if you plan to go during summertime. It can really get humid at this season and there are many people on the parks, so you have to expect long lines. Most lines of various rides are located on shady spots or at air-conditioned areas. You can help your kids cope with the heat by enjoying a wet ride to help all of you to cool down. You can also opt to leave the park when the heat is unbearable and return at nighttime to enjoy the special events during these times. Thunderstorms usually occur during summer, so you may want to bring plastic ponchos or buy the Mickey poncho at the site.

It is not every day that you get to enjoy such wonderful treat that you can only experience at the Walt Disney World. You have to make sure that you have planned accordingly for this trip. This way, you won’t regret anything that you have missed out on once you have gotten back home.

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