Interesting Facts and Details about Walt Disney

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Disney? Is it Mickey Mouse or your favorite cartoon series on cable TV? If there is one thing that has already been proven by this company is the fact that through time, this has strengthened its name and created a brand that has become a favorite of many people all over the world.

This is actually now known as the biggest media and entertainment conglomerate throughout the world. It was founded by brothers Walt and Roy on October 16, 1923 and named it after their last name. It has changed twice and the company settled to what it’s called now in 1986. From producing cartoons, it has also ventured into live action film production, travel, television, publishing, radio, theater and other new divisions that cater to the more mature audience.

Among all its ventures, the brand is most popular for its film outfit that has already produced lots of hit movies and paved the way for young actors to be known not only in Hollywood but also in all parts of the world where these films are being distributed.

The company has indeed captured many hearts through the products and services that it continues to provide. This is also enough reason why many people are interested to know more about the person behind the company’s name or the other half of the two brothers that started it all. Who is Walt and why did his brother allow his name to be used as the company’s brand? Here are some interesting facts about the man that paved the way for many children and adults alike to get over with their fear of rats or at least, think about Mickey before they shriek upon seeing a real one.

The Man behind the Company’s Name

This popular figure that is greatly known as an entertainment pioneer was born on December 5, 1901. It was in 1928 when he released his first motion picture that was entitled, Steamboat Willie. He was also the genius behind hit entertainment projects such as The Mickey Mouse Club, Davy Crocket and a lot more. He may have a strong line of accomplishments, but Walt was only able to attend a year in high school.

Why do you think he got his name on the company’s label? Although he started it with his brother, Roy, the latter insisted that that Walt’s name must be emphasized when they changed it the second time. For over two decades, Walt, while ably managing the business, also served as the voice of Mickey Mouse. The man is famous not only for his name and his voice, but also for his mustache that he started growing at the age of 25.

He was admittedly scared to face the cameras during the time that he needed to appear and introduce the episodes of the TV series known as the Disneyland. The man has the record of winning more Oscars than anyone else, with 32 trophies overall.

Mickey Mouse might have already upstaged its creator in terms of popularity, but while many people are still hooked with the character, Walt Disney will continue to leave a legacy even to the future generation.

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