Is Your Diamond Jewelry Real?

Given very few exceptions, diamond jewelry is the worlds most expensive in its class. Even those diamond items that are small or flawed still cost more than the best of the other gems.

It is small wonder, then, that some people would capitalize on this and put out fakes to rip off the unwary and make a fast buck for themselves. How does one make sure ones diamonds are real?

As a layman, you can rely on your common sense and use some of the following random tips. Spotting a fake diamond may not be very easy (some con artists use very sophisticated techniques nowadays), but it can be done.

When all else fails and you cannot trust your judgment, you can always have your stone appraised by a competent professional jeweler.


Check for scratches. As your elementary science had told you, diamonds are the hardest known element so far discovered in the universe. It stands to reason then that it cannot be scratched or gashed by anything softer.

Moissanite (which resembles a real diamond) and cubic zirconium (another diamond dead-ringer) both scratch easily. Ask your jeweler for a magnifying glass and check it yourself.

Personal tests

Breathe into a diamond. If it clears up fast, its real. If it takes the stone some seconds to evaporate the moisture, it might be a fake.

Hold the stone up to the light. If there is a rainbow of colors instead of shades of gray, your diamond could be a fake. It does not have a diamonds real property to reflect light.

Sometimes, the setting and the mounting of the stone are both giveaways. Fake stones are usually set in inferior metals. Cheap stones and cheap settings usually go together. (The settings might also be plated in gold or silver to simulate the real things.)

Be forward about your purchase and ask about your diamond stone. Ask if your stone is a diamond or a moissanite.

The dealer should be able to provide the information. Some retailers have a dont ask, dont tell policy.

Best of all, ask for the stones certificate. If the diamond is real, dealers would be willing to issue such a certificate.

The best certificate comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) if you are from the continent.

These organizations examine diamonds and issues grade reports on them. GIA and EGL are the two of the most respected laboratories acknowledged by the whole diamond industry in the world.

Be a sometime expert

If you have the inclination, the resources and the time, you may enroll at the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, for instance. This independent academy can train you to become a diamond expert.

Other companies, like the famous De Beers Group, have their retail personnel study at the Diamond Academy for a training course that provides information all about diamonds. Getting into the company will make you an expert, too.

Studying on your own all about diamonds will also fill you in with some essential information about the gem. Libraries and the Internet abound with information.

In the meantime, some of the tips on how to spot fake diamond jewelry can help. An inquisitive mind and a healthy skepticism are definitely advantageous.

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