Productive Fruit Trees through a Biodynamic Farming Strategy

As kids, you surely can remember fond and fun memories when you chased after worms and killed them. You can have memories of fright, disgust and simply anger of the tiny helpless creatures, which, as you were told by elders, could enter your body and cause so much troubles and illnesses. In reality, earthworms do not deserve such treatment. In fact, they could play a vital and significant role in what is popularly known today as biodynamic farming, or the use of natural and organic farming techniques to yield agricultural products.

By now, you should know that earthworms are truly helpful. Their appearance may prompt disgust and scare to people, but they are never harmful. They are the superstars of the soil, and there are more than enough reasons for that. They break down organic matters and excrete castings and slimes that contain nutrients that further enrich the soil.

You can actually take advantage of the usefulness of earthworms especially if you intend to plant fruit trees. For all you know, you need not spend too much on fertilizers and do much efforts in tilting and digging the soil where your fruit tree seedlings will be implanted. You can leave those jobs to who else but your soil and farming buddies---earthworms.

If you decided to plant fruit trees late in the planting season (autumn), you still could do so, without the need to wait for the next planting season. Yes, the soil could be invariably damp and too tightened, making it harder to dig. You surely will have a difficult time to dig deeper. Worse, you have to dig around the large area where the fruit tree seedlings will be planted. Do not worry. As long as there are earthworms around, you can be spared from such tedious activities.

All you have to do is dig the site where the seedling will be implanted and put some earthworms around. Plant the tree and presto, you can leave and just visit the plant occasionally. The earthworms will take care of loosening the damp soil, transporting rich nutrients from the topsoil to the subsoil and making burrows that could facilitate further entry and circulation of air and water into the soil. As worms continue to thrive around the area, they could even provide good natural fertilizers to the fruit trees. Their excreted castings are significantly abundant with the right nutrients perfect for growth of plants.

Even until the fruit trees have already grown up and become sturdy, earthworms could still continue to be of good service. That is the reason why worms should be considered buddies of plants and trees.

If there are not enough volumes of earthworms in your meadows, backyard or land areas allotted for planting of fruit trees, you could opt to invest in vermicultured earthworms. Vermiculture is the technology and process of artificially cultivating and growing worms to boost their reproduction and growth. Such earthworms could truly be helpful in making you succeed in using biodynamic farming techniques. It should not be that hard.

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