Why Girls with Attention Deficit Disorders Exhibit Behavior Problems

Attention deficit disorder is a behavioral condition that could affect a child's personality in the future. These days, it is one of the common causes of uncontrollable behavior problems in children and teens. Growing concerns are being spurred by the fact that on estimates, about 8% to 10% of school-aged children worldwide are diagnosed with attention deficit disorders. In the United States, about 5% of the kids' population aged below 10 years old are said to have this condition.

To understand the situation better, it would be helpful if you would first focus on the general manifestations of the disorder. In 1994, experts and researchers have formally modified the name attention deficit disorder into attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. That is because most reported cases involve boys, who are unusually more hyperactive and aggressive. Symptoms include lack of focus, inability to concentrate on a given task, aggressive/ problematic behavior, unusual rowdiness, disorganization and impulsiveness. Boys diagnosed with the disorder are also not capable of properly interacting with other people. Eye contacts are also impossible to achieve with such children.

The signs of the disorders are what usually make up for the problem when girls have the condition. Because girls are naturally subtle in nature and less hyperactive due to their physical and anatomical attributes, most girls with the disorder remain undiagnosed. They are often disorganized and are apparently less able to finish a task assigned to them. They find it hard to attain and maintain concentration when they are doing an activity. They are also easily disturbed that when they are distracted, they find it hard to pick up where they have left behind.

On the contrary, girls with attention deficit disorders are not as rowdy, as hyper and as impulsive as their boy counterparts. That is the source of all the potential and imminent danger. Because they do not show the usual manifestation, which is hyperactivity, some girls grow up without being treated. Some parents, doctors and teachers think that when girls are less focused, they just are being shy and feminine, which is natural. What they do not know is that these girls are already suffering from the condition and that they are in danger of losing their natural personalities if they carry the disorder until they reach puberty.

When undiagnosed, untreated and improperly dealt with, girls with attention deficit disorder usually grow up as problematic individuals. They often exhibit behavior problems. Studies have shown that when such girls reach puberty or early adulthood, they are more likely to be substance abusers, shoplifters and sexually rebellious. Such girls are found to have greater tendencies to become unwed and teenage moms. That is because they could not handle the pressures brought about by growing up. They also find it hard to naturally socialize so they tend to be too trying hard to belong to groups to compensate for their inner shortcomings.

Because they are not able to show off physical hyperactivity, they tend to take other outlets. Thus, they are more behaviorally deviant and are readily trying out dangerous adventures like trying out drugs and pre-marital sex. Girls with attention deficit disorder are also found to grow old to be underachievers. They significantly lack self-esteem. During adulthood, such girls would find it hard to cope with life in general. Alas, it could be too late for them. Danger is more imminent when they build their own families.

If you suspect that your daughter has attention deficit disorder, seek experts' help abruptly. Her future would very much depend on your efforts to help her overcome the condition. Your daughters usual and uncontrollable behavior problems could be linked to the serious condition. Act before it gets too late.

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